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You receive a "Library not registered" error message when you call a method in ATL server in Visual C++ 6.0

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After changing the type library version in the .idl file, any method you call in an ATL COM object returns an error of 0x8002801D (TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED or "Library not registered").
For dual interfaces, the ATL Object Wizard generates code that derives your COM class from IDispatchImpl. IDispatchImpl's fourth and fifth arguments are default arguments that map to the major and minor versions of the type library. These default to version 1.0. ATL uses this version to call LoadRegTypeLib(), which fails with TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED if the version in the type library doesn't match.
Add the appropriate version number to the template arguments for IDispatchImpl and IProvideClassInfo2Impl, if you are deriving from this class. For example, to set the type library version number to 2.5, your class declaration might resemble the following.
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CMyControl : 	public IDispatchImpl<IMyControl, &IID_IMyControl, &LIBID_MyControlLib, 2, 5>,	public IProvideClassInfo2Impl<&CLSID_MyControl, NULL, &LIBID_MyControlLib, 2, 5>...				
If your class derives from CStockPropImpl instead of IDispatchImpl, you need to set the type library version number via member variables, because CStockPropImpl derives from IDispatchImpl but it doesn't provide any template arguments for setting the version number. The major and minor version numbers are actually stored in CComTypeInfoHolder::m_wMajor and CComTypeInfoHolder::m_wMinor. IDispatchImpl contains a CComTypeInfoHolder member called _tih. You can set the version number in your class constructor.
	CMyControl()	{		_tih.m_wMajor = 2;		_tih.m_wMinor = 5;	}				
This behavior is by design.
The same problem may exhibit different symptoms in different containers depending on what you are doing:
  • Attempting to insert an ATL control from the "Components and Controls Gallery" causes the following error:
    Unable to open this ActiveX Control. Make sure the control contains a valid type library.
  • Attempting to call a method from Internet Explorer causes the error:
    Error: Object doesn't support this property or method.
  • Attempting to insert an ATL control into Test Container causes the following error:
    Failed to create control. Unspecified error.
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