PRB: Grid DTC Error "An Object Has Failed To Load" in Visual InterDev

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When opening a page that contains a Grid Design-Time Control (DTC) or trying to place a Grid DTC onto a page in Source View, you may get the following error:
An object has failed to load. The object will be displayed as text.
Alternatively, for multiple objects, the error will read the following:
Some objects have failed to load. The objects will be displayed as text.
Additionally, if you try and place the Grid DTC onto a page while in Design View, it will appear as a small gray box. Switching to Source View will then display the error dialog box.
This error indicates that the GUI of a control could not be displayed. There are several possible causes for the Grid DTC to display this error:
  • RegClean utility has been run on the workstation.
  • Internet Explorer 5 BETA was installed on the workstation.
  • Problems with the Microsoft virtual machine (Microsoft VM).
  • Too many DTCs loaded in the development environment under Windows 95.


RegClean may remove a critical registry entry for the Java COM component that is wrapped by Griddtc.ocx. Check for the existence of the registry key show below, and manually add it to the registry if it is missing.
  1. Close Visual InterDev.
  2. Use Regedit.exe to add the key shown below.
  3. Restart Visual InterDev and test.
This key has no values associate with it.

Internet Explorer 5 Beta

Internet Explorer 5 BETA installs a BETA version of the Microsoft VM. You should download the latest release of the Microsoft VM by going to

Problems with Microsoft VM

If you are running a good, non-BETA version of the Microsoft VM, you may wish to remove and reinstall it with the following step:
  1. Unregister Msjava.dll by using the following syntax
    regsvr32 -u <full path to msjava.dll>
  2. Delete the Msjava.dll.
  3. Reinstall Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 or the latest release of the Microsoft virtual machine from

Too Many DTCs Loaded

Too many DTCs are loaded in the development environment under Windows 95:
  • Very dependent on system memory.
  • Reproduced in the lab at 51 DTCs.
  • Total number of DTCs is for all pages loaded, not just the currently active page in the editor.

The resolution is to upgrade to Windows 98 or Windows NT.
For more information see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
198433 PRB: Some Objects Have Failed to Load Error in VID 6.0

More information
The Grid DTC is implemented as a Visual Basic control
that instantiates a Java COM component

As a result, dependencies of both Visual Basic (such as the Visual Basic Run-Time Msvbvm600.dll) and the Microsoft VM must be up to date. Other Design-Time Controls included with Visual InterDev 6.0 are written in C++ and do not have the same dependencies. Typcially they continue to function even when the Grid DTC does not.

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