"SUWIN General Protection Fault" Error Messages During Windows 95 or Windows 98 Setup

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When you try to install Windows 95 or Windows 98 in a new folder or a clean hard disk, you may receive one or more of the following error messages:
An error has occurred in your application. If you choose ignore you should save your work in a new file. If you choose close, your application will terminate.
SUWIN caused a general protection fault in module SETUPX.DLL
SUWIN caused a general protection fault in module KRNL386.EXE
This behavior can occur when any of the following conditions exist:
  • There are incorrect basic input/output system (BIOS) settings for a built-in peripheral device on your motherboard (for example, cache settings, CPU timing, hard disks, and so on).
  • Your computer has bad or mismatched random access memory (RAM) or cache (for example, if you are using EDO and non-EDO RAM, or you are using different RAM speeds).
  • The motherboard in your computer is not working properly.
To work around this behavior, try to slow down your computer by changing the BIOS settings. For information about how to change these settings, consult the documentation that came with your computer or contact the hardware manufacturer.

WARNING: If you change the BIOS settings for your computer incorrectly, serious problems can occur.

NOTE: Make the following changes, one at a time. After each change, save the setting, quit the BIOS, and then try to run Setup. If one step does not resolve the problem, try the next step, and so on.
  1. Modify the bus mastering setting.
  2. Modify the externalor internal cache setting.
  3. Modify your RAM setting.
  4. Modify other settings that are specific to your BIOS and that contribute to the speed at which your computer runs.
  5. Disable the Level 1 and Level 2 cache from the BIOS Setup tool for the duration of Setup.
  6. Disable the Ultra DMA setting (if applicable) for the hard disk or CD-ROM drive. For information about how to change these settings, consult the documentation that is included with your computer.
If the error message still occurs after you perform these steps, the hardware may be damaged. Contact your hardware manufacturer for assistance.
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