List of bugs fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5

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This article is part one of a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that were fixed in Service Pack 5 for Windows NT 4.0.

Service packs are cumulative. This means that the bugs that are fixed in a service pack are also fixed in subsequent service packs. Use the number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

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In addition to the bugs listed below, the latest service pack for Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition fixes the problems that are described in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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For more information about how to obtain the latest service pack for Window NT 4.0 and Terminal Server Edition, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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Service Pack 5

162401 NWConv Cannot Migrate 2-Character NetWare Server
171307 How to Disable SAP Broadcast for RPC Service
179553 Access Violation in PolEdit When Defining Allowed Windows Applications
189832 Dial-Up Networking Generates Dr Watson When Called Via Shortcut (DisableSavePassword Active)
190812 Briefcase Item Needs to Be Synchronized Twice
192266 Sockets-based Child Processes Are Not Stopped
192297 Applications May Fail with Access Violation During File Open
192696 Grace Logins Are Not Reset on FPNW
193121 Cannot Connect to DFS Leaf a Second Time If Server Is a NetWare Server
193361 MSGINA.DLL does not Reset WINLOGON Structure
193763 GetFileAttributes API May Return Invalid Return Code
194078 System Date Reflects Changes Immediately
194749 SP4 Periodic Disk Access Interferes with Power Management
194831 SP4 Cluster Shares Must Be Reset to Recognize Added Subdirectories
194918 XCOPY /D Uses Universal Time, Not Local Time, to Filter Files
194962 WINS Admin UI Overlaps Fields in Show Mappings Dialog Box When Address Options Are Set
195046 XFOR: IStream::Stat( ) Returns E_NOTIMPL in MCIS 2.0
195123 DNS Server Access Violates When Enumerating a Zone Containing WKS Resource Records
195144 Copying Files with Mix of LFN and SFN May Lead to Data Loss
195469 STOP 0xEFFFFFFF Exception in OLE Servers with Multiple Clients
195508 Devices Tool in Control Panel Hangs When Clicking HW Profile for I20 Bus Driver
195540 Windows NT 4.0 Does Not Recognize ATAPI Iomega Clik 40! Drive
195541 Large Number of Mounts/Dismounts on an NTFS Partition Causes a Memory Leak
195611 DNS Client Does Not Try All Servers in DNS Service List
195640 Enabling Split Horizon with Poison Reverse Causes Incorrect RIP Updates
195725 Intermediate Network Driver Causes STOP 0x0000001E on MP Computer
195733 Denial of Service in Applications Using RPC over Named Pipes
195734 WinNT 4.0 Post-Service Pack 4 Hotfixes Combined into One Package
195822 Server Responds to PAP Client on Different AppleTalk Node
195931 Security Descriptor Size Increases Each Time Permissions Set
195932 DHCP Server of Service Pack 4 Ignores Reservations
196051 Excessive Network Retransmissions While Running CSNW
196209 WINS Replication Does Not Start at the Scheduled Time Every Day
196217 XADM: IS Shuts Down with JET Reporting Out of Disk Space Due to SFM
196270 SNMP Agent Leaks Memory When Queried
196330 STOP 0x0000001E May Occur in Win32k.sys Under Stress
196389 STOP 0x0000000A or STOP 0x00000050 in NTOSKRNL.EXE
196432 DNS SOA Default Values Are Not Configurable
196662 Window Settings for Folders on the Desktop Are Not Retained
196713 Stop 0x0000000A in Nwlnkipx Source Routing Info > 18 Bytes
196847 "Stop 0xc000021e" Installing Service Pack 4 with LapLink Installed
196875 Error When EMS Memory Is Configured for MS-DOS App in .pif File
197045 CMAK Incorrectly Configures a Customized Sign-in Bitmap
197084 Cannot Access Shares on a FPNW Server using Client32 v2.5 - 3.02
197161 SYSDIFF /INF Uses Decimal Format for REG_DWORD Values
197217 Memory Leak in Msdtc.exe when Using XA Resource Manager
197253 LPD Job May Cause TCPSVCS to Hang
197295 Windows NT Fails to Boot to a Partition That Starts More Than 4 GB
197377 Memory Leak if Large File Upload Is Cancelled Prematurely
197493 Incorrect Confirmations for Faxes Sent by Small Business Server
197517 Handle Leak Occurs When Using RasDial API
197565 Windows NT 4.0 SP4 Setup Does Not Update Winprint.dll
197632 Registry Hive Fragmentation Leads to Excessive Size
197811 Memory Leak When Using XA TM and SQL Server/DTC
197812 DTC Log File Corruption or Growth Problems
197846 Printing Multiple Copies of the Same Job Via LPD Broken in SP4
198406 RIP Version 2 Does Not Advertise Subnet Routes
198407 STREAMS Does Not Handle User Data Correctly
198541 Using DHCPCMD to Modify a Reservation Converts It to a Lease
198573 16-bit Windows-based Programs Support up to 26 DDE Connections
199101 Rasman.exe Causes Access Violation When You Use Connection Manager
199909 DNS May Not Respond to Queries After Applying SP4
200848 Stop 0xC000021a on Windows NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 4
201348 WINSOCK Accept() Returns Error 10022
203745 DHCP Reconcile Does Not Recover Reservations Outside Scopes
208173 BUG: Duplicate LUN 0 When LargeLuns Registry Key Enabled
214429 Stop 0xA in Netbt.sys When Querying the DNS for a NetBIOS Name
214460 Directory Services for NetWare (DSMN) Fails Intermittently with an Application Error in Swsvc.exe (0xc0000005 - AV)
214544 NSLOOKUP Does Not Devolve MX Record Queries
214552 XFOR: MCIS 2.0 NNTP Logging Does Not Include Newsgroup Name for Read Articles
214555 Radius Server Fails to Authenticate Users in a Remote Domain
214563 NET USE /d Returns Error 2404 After Applying Service Pack 4
214606 Dr. Watson Does Not Return Proper Exit Code for an Application
214609 Routemon.exe Does Not Properly Set the Metric Option
214624 STOP 0xA When Using SPX
214680 Cluster Setup Does Not Recogize Disk with More Than Three Logical Drives
214685 XFOR: CDONTS Not Thread-Safe, Crashes Under Stress
214802 Windows NT Lets You Paste Text into Unlock Workstation Dialog Box
214840 MSV1_0 Incorrectly Allows Network Connections for Specific Accounts
214864 Exchange Protocols Fail After Applying Windows NT 4.0 SP4
215347 Cluster Disk with More Than 15 Logical Drives Fails to Go Online
215349 When an IP Address Is Deleted from the Computer, Associated Routes May Not Get Deleted
215367 Win32 API Function GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl() Returns Incorrect Access Mask Value
215376 ControlService Fails with 1053 (ERROR_SERVICE_REQUEST_TIMEOUT)
216035 Invalid FPNW Parameters May Cause Access Violations in Lsass.exe and Usrmgr.exe
216048 IMAP4 User Cannot Receive Mail and Sender Receives "Intended Recipient's Mailbox Is Full" Message
216063 DHCP MIB Returns Incorrect OID for SNMP GetNext Command
216064 Cluster Server Has Clusdb Corruption After Power Outage
216071 SYSPREP: Incorrect Shutdown Leaves Message in Event Log
216091 GetHostByName() Returns IP Address of Disabled Interface
216160 SMTPSVC May Strip Message Body When Message Contains BCC
216188 Unattended Installation with /E Option to Install Service Pack4 Fails Unexpectedly
216303 Incorrect NDIS Filtering of Some Ethernet Multicast Frames
216329 Cluster Server Log Filling with Erroneous Security Descriptor Information
216369 Unable to Create a Large Number of DHCP Scopes
216376 Stop 0xA in Rdr.sys
216383 Memory Allocations May Fail When There Are Large Free Blocks
216432 BUG: Datagram MSRPC in Infinite Loop When Making DCOM Activation Calls to HPUX 9.x Server
216471 NetBT Improvements for Connections Between Multihomed Computers
216538 STOP 0x0000000A in NTOSKRNL at 801453ea
216540 User-mode Programs Cannot Allocate Blocks of Virtual Memory
q216585 WINS 1C Records are Tombstoned and Are Scavenged out of Database
216678 Dfs Drive Connections Not Displayed in Windows NT Explorer
216684 Error Message: The System Is Not Fully Installed
216703 Windows NT LDAP Connections Remain Open After LDAP Query
216766 FIX: Windows NT 4.0 w/ SP4 Causes Data Corruption in RPC Calls
216779 DHCP Server Service May AV When Adminstrating Locally or Remotely
216780 DLC Protocol Stops Transmitting Packets
216867 Corrupted User Profiles Can Cause New Local Default to be Lost
244974 List of bugs fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 (Part 2)
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