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This article describes Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 2 (SP2). Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 is an update to Internet Explorer 4.0 and 4.01. SP2 is build 4.72.3612.1713.

Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 is no longer available; however, this information is valid if you already have Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2.
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Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 (build 4.72.3612.1713) includes the followingchanges to Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1 (SP1):

Issues Addressed in Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2

The Internet Explorer issues documented in the following MicrosoftKnowledge Base articles are addressed in Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2:
181860 Secure Lock Symbol Disappears Connecting to Secure Web Page
183763 Error Msg: Warning: Page Has Expired: The Page You Requested...
188706 Problems in Wininet.dll When Connecting to Secure Web Site with 128-Bit Encryption
190290 Cannot Search for Files Containing Text on CDFS/NTFS Drives
193489 Internet Explorer Returns Error Message When Being Redirected
195567 Wininet Credentials Are Not Reset on Keep-Alive Connections
196466 BINDF_GETNEWESTVERSION Does Not Work in URLDownloadToCacheFile Function
196944 Problems Using Magnifier Tool or Accessibility Program or Device
195926 Problems Printing Italic Characters on PCL Printers
193847 Mshtml.dll Error When Closing Window Before Rendering Finishes
181860 Secure Lock Symbol Disappears Connecting to Secure Web Page
189033 Internet Explorer Issues Extra Challenge with NTLM
187516 Accessing the Resource 'File:///<temp>/Tri<nnn>.htm' Has Been Disallowed
184488 Cannot View or Connect to Windows NT Server Shares after Installing Internet Explorer
179221 How to Limit User Access to Local Computer or Hard Disks with Internet Explorer 4.01
187770 Overlapped I/O Operation Is in Progress
191910 Random Characters Are Displayed at the Bottom of a Web Page
193498 Outlook Express Fails LDAP Connections Over Slow Links
168485 Update Available for Cross-Frame Security Issue
168617 Update Available for Dotless IP Address Security Issue
168019 Update Available For Outlook Express Security Issue
167614 Update Available For "Frame Spoof" Security Issue
169245 Update Available for "Untrusted Scripted Paste" Issue
191200 Update Available for Window.External JScript Security Issue
Additionally, the following issues in Internet Explorer 4.0 or 4.01 areaddressed in Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2:
  • Handle ANSI FILEGROUPDESCRIPTORs Correctly on a Drag-drop in Windows NT 4.0

    This fixes a copy/paste issue in the Windows NT version 4.0 shell involving multiple e-mail attachments.

  • AcquireCredentialsHandle Is Not Available to Wininet.dll and You Are Unable to Connect to a Netscape version 2.01 Server

    When you attempt to use a Verisign Client Certificate in Internet Explorer 4.x to access a Netscape Enterprise Server, the client may receive the following error message:
    An error occurred in the secure channel support.
    Once this error message is generated, the connection with the Netscape Enterprise Server is terminated.

  • URLMON Does Not Implement BINDF_GETNEWESTVERSION Correctly

    URLDowwnloadToCacheFile() uses the Internet Explorer cache settings on the client to determine cache behavior. When you enable the URLOSTRM_GETNEWESTVERSION flag, it does not download the new file off the remote server when an old cache file already exists.

  • Schannel.dll Cannot Handle Carriage Return in a Certificate
  • Unable to Print If You Have More Than 80 Characters in the Footer

    You are able to type 160 characters in a Web page's footer, however Internet Explorer 4 SP1 only prints the first 80 characters.
  • NetMeeting.inf Does Not Include Section to Update Active Setup Registry

    This may cause Microsoft NetMeeting to appear that is has not been updated within the Windows 98 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Setup process.
  • Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0 SP1 after you install components from the Product Updates Web page may result in a General Protection Fault (GPF)in ASCTRLS.
  • When you attempt to Find Files or Folders, it may display a random date if the year is less than 1980.
  • Netscape Proxy Bypass Property Is Not Imported Correctly by Internet Explorer

    When you import the "Bypass proxy" property, it may fail when it contains a space.
  • Microsoft Outlook Express Settings Are Unavailable in Windows NT

    If you log on as a different user than the user who installed Internet Explorer, Outlook Express settings may not be available.
  • Windows 95 post request, objects on the paged reference by the EMBED tag is unable to start.

    When you view a Web page with a post request, objects on the Web page referenced by the EMBED tag are unable to start.
  • Iexplore caused an invalid page fault in module Wininet.dll using a NASD Regulations Web-based server program

  • Registry keys are not restored when you uninstall

    Several Active Setup registry keys are not restored when you uninstall Internet Explorer 4 SP1.
  • Snapshot tree disappears when you press the F5 key in Internet Explorer 4

    The SnapShot (an accessibility application) tree disappears when you press the F5 key in Internet Explorer 4, even without running Window-Eyes. If you do not press the F5 key, there are children to the window. If you press the F5 key, this refreshes the window and they disappear.
  • Script Error Dialog Objects Do not Display in a Snapshot

    Snapshot may not display Internet Explorer scripting errors that normally display without snapshot being installed.
  • Internet Explorer 4 Shell32's SHFlushSFCache Does Not Take The Critical Section and Exposes a Timing Window Where Shell32 Can Fault

    This involves a fault that can occur when starting Windows immediately after installing Internet Explorer 4.
  • New Version of Help

    We released a new and improved ie4supp.chm, which incorporates some Far East regional changes.
  • Unable to "Check for Player Upgrade" in Media Player

    You may be unable to connect to the server for version update on the Media Player. The "Check for Player Upgrade" is posting data to, sending a GUID and WMP's current version information. The server is responding with a 500-class server error. The body of the message is "invalid index".

  • Auth.dialog: Username and Password Fields Limited to 62 Characters
  • Taskbar can be viewed in a Microsoft Powerpoint slide show.

    A taskbar may be displayed in PowerPoint slideshow when "autohide" and "always on top" settings were enabled.
  • Cut and Paste from TXT File in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Browser Does Not Retain CR/LF
  • Running Visual Basic 6 on Internet Explorer 4 May Display the AutoDial User Interface
  • When a automatic proxy configuration (PAC) file with multiple proxy servers is typed in autoconfiguration URL, you may be unable to access Web sites where server and browser certificates are required.
    When a PAC file is entered in the autoconfiguration URL and the secured server's root Certificate Authority (CA) is installed, the secured server sends the server certificate to the browser. If the browser does not accept the certificate, it may display a 403.7 error.

  • Remove Macromedia Shockwave Director
  • Creates Windows in Wrong Session
    When you create new windows, the function may not use the same session as the creator/parent window to create the windows.

  • Wininet.dll is unable to Release the Credentials Handle When Negotiating Secure SSL Connections with Client Authentication Enabled
    When you negotiate secure connections, credentials acquired by using schannel.dll are never released which may result in a memory leak.
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 Overwrites Microsoft Data Access Components(MDAC) version 2.1 Dynamic Link Library (Dlls) with version 1.5
  • Fault in MSHTML.DLL During Close of Scripting Generated Window Before Rendering Finished
    Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 may generate error messages under when a showModalDialog() is closed using the window.close() method.
  • Cookies are not written to hard disk immediately. If your computer inadvertently restarts, the cookies may be lost.
  • Visual Basic ActiveX Control on Active Desktop Causes Hang/AV on Shutdown
  • Memory Leak (approximately 4-5 Kilobytes (KB))when you use Keep-alives and SSL tunneling

  • Blur() and Focus() Methods Cause Crash When You Drag an Area of an Imagemap
    Use of the Blur() and Focus() methods may cause an error in Mshtml.dll when you drag parts of an image map.
  • Wizard: Error Message Suggests That You Switch Internet service provider (ISP) when you use Microsoft FrontPage on some ISP's
  • Using Accessibility Options in Microsoft Outlook 98 may result in Outlook to generate an error message when you attempt to quit Outlook.
  • Some Programs Are Not Able to Display the Fat32 Warning Message in Appshelp
  • Microsoft Outlook 98 Is Unable to Verify or Send Signed Messages
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 resubmits requests to the same, even though new realm is sent from the, and IE dialog shows new realm, IE still pre-populates dialog box with old credentials.
    When you move from one secure site to another secure site (both requiring a username and password) Internet Explorer tries to send the credentials from the previous site. Even though the new site identifies itself as being from a different realm.

  • Microsoft Network (MSN) Update and Windows Update Web site is unable to install due to checktrust being not able to complete.

  • Microsoft Windows 95 Setup is unable to install MDAC

  • When you use DPA authentication at a proxy, multiple DPA logon requests are displayed during the authentication process

    If proxy 1 or 2 is configured for DPA authentication against a mcis 1 or 2 membership database, and Internet Explorer 4.01 is the browser, no Web page can be downloaded through the proxy without multiple DPA Requests occurring for authentication at the proxy.
  • Scripting Errors Occur When Loading Start Page on the CD-ROM That Comes with "Dynamic HTML in Action"
  • Internet Explorer 4.x Does Not Support the Euro-Named Entity
  • Windows NT generates an error message when you click Add on the Tools menu to to add an address to address book
    When you open an attached message on an Windows NT-based computer and click Add on the Tools menu. Windows NT may generate a blue screen if the to line has a large number of addresses in it.

  • Error Message in Outlook 98 When You Print an HTML message with a long stationery title
  • Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 SP1 Does Not Handle SPA Authentication Properly.
  • Uninstall Removes Any Version of HHCTL When Removing Internet Explorer 4
  • Outlook Express Content-Transfer-Encoding Not RFC Compliant
  • General Protection Fault (GPF) Dismissing Modal Dialog Box When HTML Contains META Refresh

    A gpf occurs if a modal dialog box is closed and a frame is self-refreshed using META Refresh.
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 Toolbar is unable to display once hidden.
    When you view a Microsoft Word document in full-screen mode after hiding the toolbar, it may not re-appear when moving the mouse cursor to the top of the screen.
  • Wininet.dll Leaks a Proxy Host Name Buffer on Every Request When Auto-Proxy is Enabled

    A copied string buffer for the proxy host name is leaked for every Uniform Resource Locator (URL) download request made when auto-proxy is enabled.

  • Folder Name in Delete Confirmation Dialog Box Does Not Always Match the Highlighted Folder Name.
  • Site Server causes Internet Explorer 4.01 not to work correctly.

    Once you enable Work Offline feature in Internet Explorer, if Site Server 3.x is installed you cannot disable the feature.
  • Duplicate Program Files Folder Is Created After Upgrade to SP1 with Active Desktop.
  • HTTPS File Download Fails with Pragma: No-Cache Header.
  • Media Player Causes an Illegal Protection Fault (IPF)in Module Ddraw.dll when you view a video stream.

  • When you perform a LDAP query through RRAS, a timeout request occurs before a connection can be completed.

    Wab.exe only allows a 10-second time wait for the connection attempt to occur for Windows Address Book (WAB). This causes connection failures when using Dial-On-Demand or when other network anomalies generate delays in connectivity.

  • When Retrieving a Web Page using a FORM submit, the Cache May Not Be Used
  • Illegal Protection Fault When You Use SafePassage software

  • Internet Explorer 4.01 Hangs Desktop When Properties Are Modified When Exchange 5.5 is Installed

  • Microsoft Excel Viewer Is Not Run When a .xls File Is Viewed with a Hyperlink in an HTML File using Internet Explorer
  • Secure Lock Symbol Disappears When You Abort an Image Download on Secure Web page.
  • Microsoft Money 98: Illegal Protection Fault occurs in Shdocvw.dll, Trap 14, when you close a message window on Money user page.
  • Comctl32.dll and Shell32.dll are not restored from the backup directory when you attempt to uninstall
  • Random characters on the browser when the Content-Length is smaller than the content.

    Sometimes a random character (typically a number or letter) appears at the bottom of the page in Internet Explorer 4 on Windows NT 4.0 and also Internet Explorer 4 on Windows 95. When you click View Source on the View menu, it does not show this character, however it does show when you print the Web page.

  • Content-Disposition Headers Containing Quoted File Names Are Not Parsed

    When you attempt to execute a FORM post, it expects a file to be returned from the server. The Content-Disposition header is used to tell the client what file name should be used to save the content being downloaded in cases where that information is ambiguous. When the file name is surrounded by double-quotes, Wininet's header parsing code tosses the suggested filename out and creates a random one.

    This random file name is presented to the user with the File Download dialog box which shows the server's response to the form post. You are able to choose a name for the file, but cannot tell what the intended file type is.
  • Outlook Express Sends a Message Continously until it runs out of disk space.
  • Internet Explorer 4 Update Channel Sniffs Incorrect Version of Internet Explorer
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 requires extra manual authentication when going through NTLM authenticated proxy server

    When you connect to a secure web site using Proxy 2, Internet Explorer version 3.0 only challenges for the Realm of the secure site but Internet Explorer 4.x challenges twice. Once for the Realm, then for the Proxy authentication.

  • Unable to handle strings greater than 128 characters causes random errors.

    Internet Explorer may generate errors if the URL is longer than 128 characters.
  • Explorer results in errors when you navigate to Crossover links

    When the you click on a crossover link, TVX dispatches a call to Internet Explorer to navigate to that URL in a seperate browser instance. Internet Explorer makes a SendMessageTimeout() call. If this call does timeout, Internet Explorer shuts down the stream, but the stream continues to be processed, resulting in a page fault.

  • Do not overwrite Desk.cpl and do not complain if the version of Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 is higher or is already installed.
  • Visual Basic Memory Leak, partially shown in Internet Explorer.
  • Outlook Express Problems with Digital Security, Pressing the Cancel button sends encrypted message.

  • Authentication against the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) Server not working under Outlook Express 4.x

    Outlook Express 4.x does not authenticate correctly when sending SMTP messages.

  • "Timeout" Errors When You Access a Secured Web Site

    In Internet Explorer 4.x, you experience "timeout" errors when you access some secured Web sites.

  • Unable to install Internet Explorer 4.01 from CD-ROM after an incomplete downloading and running Setup for Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1
  • When you paste a table that was copied from an HTML document, the system may hang.
  • WAB results in an error message when you launch an ldap:// link with 265 characters.
  • When a site is set up using custom settings to disable unencrypted form submits, it is performed. It is redirected from a GET that was originally encrypted.

  • Printing does not complete when NoRun is set as an Explorer Policy

  • Product Update from the Help menu, points to wrong location

  • When you attempt to break into a script on a Web page, you may receive the following error message:
    Source not available
  • When you recive type information of HTML Document property, your computer may generate an error.

  • 265 character news:// URL causes error in MSIMNUI.DLL

  • Internet Explorer overwrites 2.0 DAG bits that ship with VS/VB/Office

  • When You Navigate with the address band, it may cause two separators to appear in the Edit menu between Undo and Cut.

  • Unencrypted message sent when you reply to any message with an attachment with default encryption set.

    When you reply to any encrypted message containing an attachment, the message is displayed as encrypted even though it is not.
  • Double GET and loss of cookies when Active Server Page (ASP) generates Microsoft Word document.

    When you generate a Word document using an Isapi.dll, a double GET occurs and temporary session cookies are lost in the second GET. The Urlmon.dll file accesses the first GET then Winword.exe does the second Urlmond.dll-based GET from its process, which does not share temporary cookies with the first process.

  • Interent Explorer generates an error and does not redirect on request when you browse using a Netscape Proxy Server version2.53 on HP UNIX.

  • Text Disappears in Disabled Non-editable java.awt.TextField

    Disabled text in a non-editable text field disappears. Disabled java.awt.TextComponent's are using wrong text color. Internet Explorer is using SystemColor.control, and should be using SystemColor.textInactiveText . Using the latter would cause the text not to refresh correctly, if your window color is a 3-D face color.

  • Inking with a pen device does not display ink in either the address control, or other input controls on Internet Explorer forms.

    You are unable to use pen devices in the address bar or in forms displayed in Internet Explorer.
  • Image Map Links Do Not Function Correctly When Using z-order CSS Specification in a HTML Web Page.

    This prevents the user from clicking on the item bar to access the content.

  • Bookmarks (#fragment-ids) Are Ignored For Server Side Image Maps

  • You Are Unable To Re-access a Login Web Page Correctly After Logging Off

    Cookie information is not reset after logging off and prevents you from logging back into a Web site without restarting Internet Explorer.
  • When You Press Escape, and then press Delete while in table, an error message is generated in Internet Explorer.
  • Random authentication prompts when you use Proxy 2.0 array autoconfiguration scripts.
  • Mouse pointer interacts with desktop icon text while dragging component, component will hang.
  • Unable to connect to Netscape Enterprise Server 3.0 with Internet Explorer 4.x using SSL (Solaris Only).

  • Double-byte Characters in Java Applets Print as Unreadable Characters
  • Socks Issue

    If you configure Internet Explorer to use a SOCKS proxy server, then Java applications started from "jview" (the SDK's command-line loader for Java) use the proxy server. If the local firewall is unable to determine the internal network configuration, then when the SOCKS server is queried for the address of a local host, it performs the query against the general Internet namespace and is unable to do so.

  • New Window in Internet Explorer 4.x Is Not Created with Same Size as Current Window.

  • Problem Sending Cookies to Edit Portfolio of DBC Web Site

    On some Web sites that use 2 cookies, the incorrect cookie may be sent, or only one cookie when the Web site requests both cookies.
  • Selecting Part of a Table and Pressing a Key results in an error message in Mshtml.dll

  • Use the Alert() Function in Proxy AutoConfiguration Scripts

  • Wininet.dll Generates an Error in OpenProxyTunnel While Refreshing Secure Web Page (SSL)

    When you access a proxy server to navigate to a secure site, refreshing the Web page using CTRL+F5 (Refresh) hangs your computer.
  • When You View a Large Number of Shares, You May Receive The Following Error Message:
    Error 43- The Network Name Cannot Be Found
  • The Status Bar Displays Double-Byte Characters as ?.

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