When you print the Network Diagram view in Project 2010, the boxes are too dark to read

In Microsoft Project 2010, when you print the Network Diagram view using a black and white printer, some of the diagram nodes on the printed page may be too dark to read. 

The default color scheme for the Network Diagram view includes some box-styles where the node is shaded with black text. For example, the default box style settings for Critical Summary and Critical tasks is a red-shaded node with black text.

When you print to a black and white printer, the color is converted to dark grey with black text. 


To resolve this issue, you can change the Box Style coloring to a combination that has more contrast when converted to black and white.  The following steps describe how to change the default box style for Critical and Critical Summary tasks.  You may need to adjust the color scheme for other box styles as well if the conversion from color to black and white makes them unreadable.

  1. With the Network Diagram view applied, in the ribbon, click the Format tab.
  2. In the Format ribbon, click Box Styles.
  3. In the Box Styles dialog box under Style settings for, click Critical.
  4. Under Background, adjust the Color and/or Pattern settings so that there is more contrast between the black text and the colored background.
  5. Click OK, and print preview with your black and white printer to confirm that the resulting print-out will be readable.
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