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Windows Vista Client releases its DHCP Lease during reboot unexpectedly

If you reboot a Windows Vista DHCP Client during a timeframe when the DHCP Server is unavailable, the client will configure its IP address to, even thougth you have set the registry value DontPingGateway to 1 as decribed in KB958336. 
This only happens if you have set the registry value IpAutoConfigurationEnabled to 0 with the intention of disabling APIPA functionality.

This is a known issue in the listed products.
Enable APIPA again by setting the registry value IPAutoconfigurationEnabled to 1 as described in KB220874. Another option is to delete the IPAutoconfigurationEnabled value from the registry, as it defaults to 1 if it is not present in the registry.

You can set the registry value DontPingGateway to 1 as decribed in KB958336 if you want the client to retain its DHCP lease even if a DHCP Server is not available. Enabling APIPA will not have any negative impact, because APIPA for Windows-based DHCP clients is intended to automatically assign an Internet Protocol (IP) address if a DHCP server is not available. 
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