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Profman2.exe - MAPI Profile Manager v2.0

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Sample : MAPI Profile Manager v2.0
Profman2.exe is a self-extracting achieve that contains a sample program demonstrating how to use the MAPI interfaces and methods that pertain to the manipulation and creation of MAPI profiles.

Here is a list of its functionality:
  • Create a new blank profile.
  • Add services to a profile.
  • Delete services from a profile.
  • List the services in a profile.
  • Add providers to a service.
  • Delete providers from a service.
  • List the providers in a service.
  • List the available properties of a service (even ones that are normally inaccessible).
  • List the available properties of a provider (even ones that are normally inaccessible).
  • Outlook 2000 Compliant (reads proper location of MAPISVC.inf file).
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Ico00001.ico766 Bytes
Icon1.ico766 Bytes
ItemInfo.cpp2327 Bytes
ItemInfo.h1354 Bytes
LeftView.cpp8068 Bytes
LeftView.h2119 Bytes
LoadProgress.cpp3569 Bytes
LoadProgress.h1474 Bytes
MainFrm.cpp7314 Bytes
MainFrm.h2067 Bytes
ProfileNameDlg.cpp2312 Bytes
ProfileNameDlg.h1393 Bytes
Profiles.cpp23589 Bytes
Profiles.h1574 Bytes
Profman.clw3386 Bytes
Profman.cpp4651 Bytes
Profman.h1367 Bytes
Profman.dsp5893 Bytes
Profman.dsw537 Bytes
Profman.ico1078 Bytes
Profman.plg2420 Bytes
Profman.rc14428 Bytes
Profman.rc2399 Bytes
ProfmanDoc.cpp2280 Bytes
ProfmanDoc.h1486 Bytes
ProfmanDoc.ico1078 Bytes
ProfmanView.cpp24395 Bytes
ProfmanView.h2269 Bytes
Readme.txt2778 Bytes
Resource.h1419 Bytes
SelectProvider.cpp9718 Bytes
SelectProvider.h1740 Bytes
SelectService.cpp6502 Bytes
SelectService.h1536 Bytes
Service1.ico766 Bytes
StdAfx.cpp209 Bytes
StdAfx.h1234 Bytes
Strdef.h49783 Bytes
Strtbl.h949 Bytes
SVCFile.cpp3369 Bytes
SVCFile.h638 Bytes
Toolbar.bmp2678 Bytes

Description of Source Files

This file contains the code that manages the MAPI interfaces for each item in the tree. It also contains some summary information about each item in the tree.

This file contains the code that directly pertains to the the CTreeCtrl on the left-side of the application.

This file contains the code for the user interface of the dialog box that displays the progress bar when loading the profiles at startup.

This file contains the code that manages the main frame UI. Contains the tree on the left and the list on the right.

Mostly Appwizard generated. It also contains the About Box code.

This file contains the code that performs most of the MAPI work in the application. This file also helps to manage the tree.

Mostly Appwizard generated. The document class for the application.

This file contains the code that manages the CListCtrl on the right-side of the screen. The file also contains some code to turn MAPI properties into text for display.

This file contains the code for the user interface and data that will display all available providers for the selected service and allows you to select one to be installed.

This file contains the code for the user interface and data that will display all available services installed on the system and allows you to select one to be installed.

Source file that includes just the standard includes.
kbfile kbsample xmapi profile IProfAdmin IMsgServiceAdmin IProviderAdmin CreateProvider DeleteProvider CreateProfile samc MAPISVC.INF

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