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Opalis Integration Server Log Purge times out or returns an exception

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When using the Opalis Integration Server "Log Purge" functionality either scheduled or directly from the Opalis Integration Server Client via the "Purge Now..." button, the purge operation either times out and does not complete or returns an exception.
The Log Purge functionality has a hard coded timeout value to complete the execution of the SQL queries that are being called.  If this timeout period expires, then the log purging operation does not complete successfully.

Log Purge functionality has three options:

  1. Keep last x number of records
  2. Keep last y number of days.
  3. If records are older than y number of days, keep last x number of records.

These three options dictate how the stored procedure “sp_CustomLogCleanup” is called.  To call the stored procedure in a manner that mimics the Log Purge functionality (but without the hardcoded timeout) you can execute one of the following three scripts in SQL Management Studio where @XEntries is the number of entries to keep and @YDays is the number of days to either keep entries or the number of days to determine when entries should be processed:

Option 1

DECLARE @Completed bit
SET @Completed = 0
WHILE @Completed = 0 EXEC sp_CustomLogCleanup @Completed OUTPUT, @FilterType=1,@XEntries=1000

Option 2

DECLARE @Completed bit
SET @Completed = 0
WHILE @Completed = 0 EXEC sp_CustomLogCleanup @Completed OUTPUT, @FilterType=2,@YDays=7

Option 3

DECLARE @Completed bit
SET @Completed = 0
WHILE @Completed = 0 EXEC sp_CustomLogCleanup @Completed OUTPUT, @FilterType=3,@XEntries=1000,@YDays=7

More Information

Please note that depending on the amount of historical data that is in the database and is flagged to be purged, execution of these queries can take aVERY long time.

Any of the queries identified above could also be called using an Opalis Integration Server "Query Database" object to schedule recurring purging where the timeout value of the query can be defined.

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