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How To Automate Word to Perform Mail Merge from Delphi

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This article demonstrates how to create and manipulate a Word document using Automation from Delphi.
This article parallels two articles that describe the same process using Visual C++ and Visual Basic. For more information, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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Building the Automation Sample

  1. Start Delphi. A new project should be created by default.
  2. Add a button to Form1.
  3. Replace the contents of the code window for Unit1 with the following:
    unit Unit1;interfaceuses  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs,  StdCtrls;type  TForm1 = class(TForm)    Button1: TButton;    procedure Button1Click(Sender: TObject);    procedure InsertLines(LineNum : Integer);    procedure CreateMailMergeDataFile;    procedure FillRow(Doc : Variant; Row : Integer;                 Text1,Text2,Text3,Text4 : String);  private    { Private declarations }  public    wrdApp, wrdDoc: Variant;    { Public declarations }  end;var  Form1: TForm1;implementationuses ComObj;Const wdAlignParagraphLeft = 0;Const wdAlignParagraphCenter = 1;Const wdAlignParagraphRight = 2;Const wdAlignParagraphJustify = 3;Const wdAdjustNone = 0;Const wdGray25 = 16;Const wdGoToLine = 3;Const wdGoToLast = -1;Const wdSendToNewDocument = 0;{$R *.DFM}procedure TForm1.InsertLines(LineNum : Integer);var  iCount : Integer;begin  for iCount := 1 to LineNum do     wrdApp.Selection.TypeParagraph;end;procedure TForm1.FillRow(Doc : Variant; Row : Integer;                 Text1,Text2,Text3,Text4 : String);begin  Doc.Tables.Item(1).Cell(Row,1).Range.InsertAfter(Text1);  Doc.Tables.Item(1).Cell(Row,2).Range.InsertAfter(Text2);  Doc.Tables.Item(1).Cell(Row,3).Range.InsertAfter(Text3);  Doc.Tables.Item(1).Cell(Row,4).Range.InsertAfter(Text4);end;procedure TForm1.CreateMailMergeDataFile;var  wrdDataDoc : Variant;  iCount : Integer;begin  // Create a data source at C:\DataDoc.doc containing the field data  wrdDoc.MailMerge.CreateDataSource('C:\DataDoc.doc',,,'FirstName, LastName,' +       ' Address, CityStateZip');  // Open the file to insert data  wrdDataDoc := wrdApp.Documents.Open('C:\DataDoc.doc');  for iCount := 1 to 2 do    wrdDataDoc.Tables.Item(1).Rows.Add;  // Fill in the data  FillRow(wrdDataDoc, 2, 'Steve', 'DeBroux',        '4567 Main Street', 'Buffalo, NY  98052');  FillRow(wrdDataDoc, 3, 'Jan', 'Miksovsky',        '1234 5th Street', 'Charlotte, NC  98765');  FillRow(wrdDataDoc, 4, 'Brian', 'Valentine',        '12348 78th Street  Apt. 214', 'Lubbock, TX  25874');  // Save and close the file  wrdDataDoc.Save;  wrdDataDoc.Close(False);end;procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);var  StrToAdd : String;  wrdSelection, wrdMailMerge, wrdMergeFields : Variant;begin  // Create an instance of Word and make it visible  wrdApp := CreateOleObject('Word.Application');  wrdApp.Visible := True;  // Create a new document  wrdDoc := wrdApp.Documents.Add();  wrdDoc.Select;  wrdSelection := wrdApp.Selection;  wrdMailMerge := wrdDoc.MailMerge;  // Create MailMerge data file  CreateMailMergeDataFile;  // Create a string and insert it into the document  StrToAdd := 'State University' + Chr(13) +              'Electrical Engineering Department';  wrdSelection.ParagraphFormat.Alignment := wdAlignParagraphCenter;  wrdSelection.TypeText(StrToAdd);  InsertLines(4);  // Insert Merge Data  wrdSelection.ParagraphFormat.Alignment := wdAlignParagraphLeft;  wrdMergeFields := wrdMailMerge.Fields;  wrdMergeFields.Add(wrdSelection.Range,'FirstName');  wrdSelection.TypeText(' ');  wrdMergeFields.Add(wrdSelection.Range,'LastName');  wrdSelection.TypeParagraph;  wrdMergeFields.Add(wrdSelection.Range,'Address');  wrdSelection.TypeParagraph;  wrdMergeFields.Add(wrdSelection.Range,'CityStateZip');  InsertLines(2);  // Right justify the line and insert a date field with  // the current date  wrdSelection.ParagraphFormat.Alignment := wdAlignParagraphRight;  wrdSelection.InsertDateTime('dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy',False);  InsertLines(2);  // Justify the rest of the document  wrdSelection.ParagraphFormat.Alignment := wdAlignParagraphJustify;  wrdSelection.TypeText('Dear ');  wrdMergeFields.Add(wrdSelection.Range,'FirstName');  wrdSelection.TypeText(',');  InsertLines(2);  // Create a string and insert it into the document  StrToAdd := 'Thank you for your recent request for next ' +      'semester''s class schedule for the Electrical ' +      'Engineering Department.  Enclosed with this ' +      'letter is a booklet containing all the classes ' +      'offered next semester at State University.  ' +      'Several new classes will be offered in the ' +      'Electrical Engineering Department next semester.  ' +      'These classes are listed below.';  wrdSelection.TypeText(StrToAdd);  InsertLines(2);  // Insert a new table with 9 rows and 4 columns  wrdDoc.Tables.Add(wrdSelection.Range,9,4);  wrdDoc.Tables.Item(1).Columns.Item(1).SetWidth(51,wdAdjustNone);  wrdDoc.Tables.Item(1).Columns.Item(2).SetWidth(170,wdAdjustNone);  wrdDoc.Tables.Item(1).Columns.Item(3).SetWidth(100,wdAdjustNone);  wrdDoc.Tables.Item(1).Columns.Item(4).SetWidth(111,wdAdjustNone);  // Set the shading on the first row to light gray  wrdDoc.Tables.Item(1).Rows.Item(1).Cells      .Shading.BackgroundPatternColorIndex := wdGray25;  // BOLD the first row  wrdDoc.Tables.Item(1).Rows.Item(1).Range.Bold := True;  // Center the text in Cell (1,1)  wrdDoc.Tables.Item(1).Cell(1,1).Range.Paragraphs.Alignment :=        wdAlignParagraphCenter;  // Fill each row of the table with data  FillRow(wrdDoc, 1, 'Class Number', 'Class Name', 'Class Time',      'Instructor');  FillRow(wrdDoc, 2, 'EE220', 'Introduction to Electronics II',     '1:00-2:00 M,W,F', 'Dr. Jensen');  FillRow(wrdDoc, 3, 'EE230', 'Electromagnetic Field Theory I',     '10:00-11:30 T,T', 'Dr. Crump');  FillRow(wrdDoc, 4, 'EE300', 'Feedback Control Systems',     '9:00-10:00 M,W,F', 'Dr. Murdy');  FillRow(wrdDoc, 5, 'EE325', 'Advanced Digital Design',     '9:00-10:30 T,T', 'Dr. Alley');  FillRow(wrdDoc, 6, 'EE350', 'Advanced Communication Systems',     '9:00-10:30 T,T', 'Dr. Taylor');  FillRow(wrdDoc, 7, 'EE400', 'Advanced Microwave Theory',     '1:00-2:30 T,T', 'Dr. Lee');  FillRow(wrdDoc, 8, 'EE450', 'Plasma Theory',     '1:00-2:00 M,W,F', 'Dr. Davis');  FillRow(wrdDoc, 9, 'EE500', 'Principles of VLSI Design',     '3:00-4:00 M,W,F', 'Dr. Ellison');  // Go to the end of the document  wrdApp.Selection.GoTo(wdGotoLine,wdGoToLast);  InsertLines(2);  // Create a string and insert it into the document  StrToAdd := 'For additional information regarding the ' +             'Department of Electrical Engineering, ' +             'you can visit our website at ';  wrdSelection.TypeText(StrToAdd);  // Insert a hyperlink to the web page  wrdSelection.Hyperlinks.Add(wrdSelection.Range,'');  // Create a string and insert it into the document  StrToAdd := '.  Thank you for your interest in the classes ' +             'offered in the Department of Electrical ' +             'Engineering.  If you have any other questions, ' +             'please feel free to give us a call at ' +             '555-1212.' + Chr(13) + Chr(13) +             'Sincerely,' + Chr(13) + Chr(13) +             'Kathryn M. Hinsch' + Chr(13) +             'Department of Electrical Engineering' + Chr(13);  wrdSelection.TypeText(StrToAdd);  // Perform mail merge  wrdMailMerge.Destination := wdSendToNewDocument;  wrdMailMerge.Execute(False);  // Close the original form document  wrdDoc.Saved := True;  wrdDoc.Close(False);  // Notify the user we are done.  ShowMessage('Mail Merge Complete.');  // Clean up temp file  DeleteFile('C:\DataDoc.doc');end;end.						
  4. Press the F9 key to run the project. Click the button and Microsoft Word should start and display a sample letter.
NOTE: Delphi is manufactured by Borland (Inprise Corporation), a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance of reliability.Contact Inprise for any developer support regarding the Delphi language.
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