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How To Call Run() Method of the Microsoft Script Control in C++

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This article demonstrates how to use the Microsoft Script control to call functions or subroutines defined in JavaScript or VBScript.
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The Script control has four methods. One of them is Run(), which runs a subroutine or a function. Before you call this method, specify the language of the script, set AllowUI, and add the following script to the script control:
//---------------------- Begin ---------------------------#include <stdio.h>#import "C:\winnt\system32\msscript.ocx"  // msscript.ocx using namespace MSScriptControl;int main(void){	HRESULT hr = CoInitialize(NULL);	IScriptControlPtr pScriptControl(__uuidof(ScriptControl));	// Create a VARIANT array of VARIANTs which hold BSTRs	LPSAFEARRAY psa;	SAFEARRAYBOUND rgsabound[]  = { 3, 0 }; // 3 elements, 0-based	int i;	psa = SafeArrayCreate(VT_VARIANT, 1, rgsabound);	if (!psa)	{		return E_OUTOFMEMORY;	}	VARIANT vFlavors[3];	for (i = 0; i < 3; i++)	{		VariantInit(&vFlavors[i]);		V_VT(&vFlavors[i]) = VT_BSTR;	}	V_BSTR(&vFlavors[0]) = SysAllocString(OLESTR("Vanilla"));	V_BSTR(&vFlavors[1]) = SysAllocString(OLESTR("Chocolate"));	V_BSTR(&vFlavors[2]) = SysAllocString(OLESTR("Espresso Chip"));	long lZero = 0;	long lOne = 1;	long lTwo = 2;	// Put Elements to the SafeArray:	hr = SafeArrayPutElement(psa, &lZero,&vFlavors[0]);	hr = SafeArrayPutElement(psa, &lOne,&vFlavors[1]);	hr = SafeArrayPutElement(psa, &lTwo,&vFlavors[2]);	// Free Elements from the SafeArray:	for(i=0;i<3;i++)	{		SysFreeString(vFlavors[i].bstrVal);	}	// Set up Script control properties	pScriptControl->Language = "JScript";	pScriptControl->AllowUI = TRUE;	pScriptControl->AddCode(		"function MyStringFunction(Argu1,Argu2,Argu3)\ 		{  return \"hi there\" ;}" );	//  Call MyStringFunction with the two args:	_variant_t outpar = pScriptControl->Run("MyStringFunction", &psa);		// Convert VARIANT to C string:	_bstr_t bstrReturn = (_bstr_t)outpar;	char *pResult = (char *)bstrReturn;	// Print the result out:	printf("func=%s\n",pResult);		//  Clean up:	SafeArrayDestroy(psa);	CoUninitialize();	return(0);}// --------------- End -----------------------				
Information on the Script Control can be found at the MSDN Scripting Site.

Additional information can be found in the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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SafeArray Scriptcontrol Run

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