FIX: SELECT INTO with TEXT/IMAGE Data Is Not a Non-Logged Operation

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BUG #: 18695 (SQLBUG_65)
An execution of a SELECT INTO statement where the source table (that is, the table in the FROM clause) has a TEXT/IMAGE column will result in a fully logged INSERT in the database of the destination table.

This can result in an undesirable increase in log space usage. Users may unexpectedly encounter message 1105 because the operation is not "non-logged" as is the case with SELECT INTO if the source table does not contain TEXT/IMAGE data. This problem occurs even if the 'select into/bulk copy' database option is 'true'.
To work around this problem, use the bulk copy program (Bcp.exe) to copy in data to a table with TEXT/IMAGE data. If all the standard rules apply for a "fast bulk copy", then the operation using bcp will be "non-logged".

For more information about "non-logged" bcp operations, please see the section titled "Copying Tables With or Without Indexes" in the SQL Server Books 6.5 Online.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in SQL Server version 6.5. This problem has been corrected in the Post Service Pack 5a Update for Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5. To install the Post Service Pack 5a Update, you must have either SQL Server 6.5 SP5 or SP5a installed.

For information about how to download and install the SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 5a, refer to the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
197177 INF: How to Obtain SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 5a
If you already have SQL Server 6.5 SP5 or SP5a installed, you can download the Post SP5a Update from the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
274036 INF: How to Obtain SQL Server 6.5 Post Service Pack 5a Update
For more information, contact your primary support provider.
You must use trace flag 7103 to use the fix provided for this bug so that SELECT INTO with TEXT/IMAGE is a non-logged operation. To add trace flag 7103 as a SQL Server startup parameter:

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Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Standard Edition

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