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INFO: Visual Studio 6.0 SP3 Readme: Part 9 - File Versions

Retired KB Content Disclaimer
This article was written about products for which Microsoft no longer offers support. Therefore, this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated.
This Readme file contains updated information for the entire Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 suite of developer tools. If you downloaded a Core service pack from the Internet, not all sections of this file apply to the updates you received. The fixed issues appropriate for the Core downloads are those listed in the Visual Studio section plus the sections for the products updated by your Core download.

The Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3 Readme contains the following sections:

PART 1: Overview and Installation

PART 2: Visual Studio

PART 3: Visual Basic

PART 4: Visual C++

PART 5: Visual FoxPro

PART 6: Visual InterDev

PART 7: Visual J++

PART 8: Visual SourceSafe

PART 9: File Versions

For the latest product information, see the Visual Studio Web site at:

For the latest product updates, see the Visual Studio Support Highlights site at:
Please see the REFERENCES section below for more information about how to access the parts of this readme.
More information

File Versions

The following table lists the developer tools that have been updated in this Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack. It also lists the key files you should check to ascertain version information: Product Files Version on Version in SP3 Release

Data Tools

                        mdt2db.dll                         mdt2dbns.dll                         mdt2dbui.dll                         mdt2dd.dll                         mdt2ddui.dll                         mdt2df.dll                         mdt2dfx.dll                         mdt2fref.dll                         mdt2fw.dll                         mdt2fw95.dll                         mdt2fwui.dll                         mdt2g.dll                         mdt2gddo.dll                         mdt2gddr.dll                         mdt2lv.dll                         mdt2lvui.dll                         mdt2qd.dll                         mdt2qdui.dll                         mdt2sd.dll                         mdt2sdui.dll				



HTML Help 1.21

                        hh.exe         4.72.8171.0    4.73.8412.0                         hhctrl.ocx     4.72.8164.0    4.73.8412.0                         htmlhelp.exe   4.71.1015.0    4.71.1015.0                         itircl.dll     4.72.7276.0    4.72.7276.0                         itss.dll       4.72.8037.0    4.72.8084.0				

Internet Explorer 5.0 DAO/Jet

                        _dbdao.h                             dao360.dll                    3.60.2521.8                         daogetrw.h                             dbdao.cpp                             dbdao.dsp                             dbdao.dsw                             dbdao.h                             dbdao.mak                             dbdao.rc                             dbdaoerr.h                             dbdaoid.h                             dbdaoint.h                             dbdaouid.cpp                             msjet35.dll    3.51.623.4    3.51.2723.0                         msjt4jlt.dll   3.52.1527.3   3.52.2723.0                         msrepl35.dll   3.51.623.0    3.51.2404.0                         msscript.ocx                         odbcstf.dll    3.510.3002.13 3.510.3904.0                         resource.h                             stdafx.h                             version.h                             version.rc                             version.usr                             verstamp.h				

MS Data Access Components 2.1 SP1

                        adc.h                        adoctint.h                             adoid.h                             adoint.h                             adojet.h                             adojet.idl                             adomd.h                             adomd.idl                             cmdtree.h                             icrsint.h                             jetoledb.h                             jetoledb.idl                             jetoledb.lib                                                mdac_typ.exe   4.71.1015.0  21.1.3711.11                         msado15.h                             msado15.idl                             msdadc.h                             msdaguid.h                             msdaora.h                             msdaosp.h                             msdasc.h                             msdasc.lib                             msdasql.h                             msdatsrc.h                             msdatsrc.tlb                             msdshape.h                             msjetoledb.h                             msremote.h                             ocdb.h                             odbc32.lib                             odbccp32.lib                             odbcinst.h                             oledb.h                             oledb.lib                             oledbdep.h                             oledberr.h                             osptk.lib                             persist.h                             simpdata.h                             simpdata.tlb                             sql.h                             sqlext.h                             sqloledb.h                             sqltypes.h                             sqlucode.h				

OLE Automation

                        asycfilt.dll   2.30.4261.1  2.40.4275.1                         oleaut32.dll   2.30.4261.1  2.40.4275.1                         olepro32.dll   5.0.4261.1   5.0.4275.1                         stdole2.tlb    2.30.4261.1  2.40.4275.1				

Scripting 5.0

                        dispex.dll                         jschs.dll                                  jscht.dll                                  jscript.dll                         jsde.dll                                   jses.dll                                   jsfr.dll                                   jsit.dll                                   jsjp.dll                                   jsko.dll                                   scochs.dll                                 scocht.dll                                 scode.dll                                  scoes.dll                                  scofr.dll                                  scoit.dll                                  scojp.dll                                  scoko.dll                                  scrobj.dll                                 scrrnchs.dll                               scrrncht.dll                               scrrnde.dll                                scrrnes.dll                                scrrnfr.dll                                scrrnit.dll                                scrrnjp.dll                                scrrnko.dll                                scrrun.dll                         vbschs.dll                                 vbscht.dll                                 vbscript.dll                         vbsde.dll                                  vbses.dll                                  vbsfr.dll                                  vbsit.dll                                  vbsjp.dll                                  vbsko.dll          				

Visual Basic

                                    ado210.chm                             appwiz.ocx                         begin.frm                             begin.frx                             c2.dll         12.0.8168.0  12.0.8447.0                         co2c40en.dll                                            comct332.dep                             comct332.ocx                                                               comdlg32.dep                             comdlg32.ocx                                            common.bas                             commonrc.h                             commonrc.rc                             copy.frm                             copy.frx                             datarpt.dsr                             dataview.dll                         dlgobjs.dll                         dskspace.frm                             dskspace.frx                             expsrv.dll                         group.frm                             group.frx                             hostwiz.dll                         htmpdfr.dll                                htmprfr.dll                                htmutil.dll                         install.bmp                             logging.bas                             makecab.exe                 1.0.603.4                                            mci32.dep                             mci32.ocx                                            message.frm                             message.frx                             modshell.bas                                                                   msadodc.dep                             msadodc.ocx                                            msbind.dep                             msbind.dll                                                                                  mschrt20.dep                             mschrt20.ocx                                                                                                     mscomct2.dep                             mscomct2.ocx                                            mscomctl.dep                             mscomctl.ocx                                                                                  msdatgrd.dep                             msdatgrd.ocx                                            msdatlst.dep                             msdatlst.ocx                         msde.dll                                            msderun.dep                             msderun.dll                         msdeui.dll                                                               msflxgrd.dep                             msflxgrd.ocx                                                               mshflxgd.dep                             mshflxgd.ocx                                            msmask32.dep                             msmask32.ocx                                                               msprpcht.dll                                            msrdc20.dep                             msrdc20.ocx                                                               msrdo20.dep                             msrdo20.dll                         msstdfmt.dep                             msstdfmt.dll                                                               msvbvm60.dll                                            mswcrun.dep                             mswcrun.dll                         mswless.dep                             mswless.ocx                         odbc log in.frm                                                                   overwrit.frm                             overwrit.frx                             path.frm                             path.frx                             pdaddin.dll                         pdcmdln.exe                         pdwizard.ocx                         pdwizchs.dll                               pdwizcht.dll                               pdwizdeu.dll                               pdwizesn.dll                               pdwizfra.dll                               pdwizita.dll                               pdwizjpn.dll                               pdwizkor.dll                                                  picclp32.dep                             picclp32.ocx                                            rdocurs.dll                         registry.bas                             repvbrc.dll    6.0.8161.0   6.0.8161.1                         resedit.dll                                            richtx32.dep                             richtx32.ocx                                            serverdt.frm                             serverdt.frx                             setup.exe      2.20.903.0                         setup1.bas                             setup1.exe                         setup1.frm                             setup1.frx                             setup1.ico                             setup1.rc                             setup1.res                             setup1.vbp                             setupres.bas                             setupres.h                             sqlparse.dll                         st6unst.exe                                            tabctl32.dep                             tabctl32.ocx                                            vb6.exe                         vb6debug.dll                         vb6dep.ini                             vb6ide.dll                         vb6stkit.dll                         vba6.dll                         vbreadme.htm                                                                   vbsdidb.dll                         vbshell.odl                             vbshell.tlb                             wbclsdsr.ocx                         welcome.frm                             welcome.frx

Visual C++

                        afxbld_.h                             afxisapi.h                             afxodlgs.h                             afxwin1.inl                             appui1.cpp                             arccore.cpp                             atl.dll        3.0.8168.0   3.0.8449.0                         atl.lib                             atlbase.h                             atlcom.h                             atldb.h                             atldbcli.h                             atlimpl.cpp                             barcore.cpp                             c1.dll         12.0.8168.0  12.0.8472.0                         c1xx.dll       12.0.8168.0  12.0.8472.0                         c2.dll         12.0.8168.0  12.0.8447.0                         calloc.c                             ctlinplc.cpp                             cvtres.exe     5.0.1720.1   5.0.1736.1                         daocore.cpp                             dbgheap.c                             delete.cpp                             devaut1.pkg    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         devbld.pkg     6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         devclvw.pkg    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         devcpp.pkg     6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         devedit.pkg    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         devprj.pkg     6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         devshl.dll     6.0.8168.0   6.0.8472.0                         dlgcore.cpp                             dlgprnt.cpp                             dm.dll         6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         eafxis.lib                             eafxisd.lib                             eafxisd.pdb                             expand.c                             feacp.dll      12.0.8168.0  12.0.8447.0                         free.c                             heapchk.c                             heapinit.c                             heapmin.c                             isapi.cpp                             libc.lib                             libcd.lib                             libcd.pdb                             libcmt.lib                             libcmtd.lib                             libcmtd.pdb                             link.exe       6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         malloc.c                             mfc40.dll                         mfc40u.dll                         mfc42.dll      6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfc42.lib                                                mfc42.pdb                             mfc42d.dll     6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfc42d.lib                                                mfc42d.pdb                             mfc42u.dll     6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfc42u.lib                                                mfc42u.pdb                             mfc42ud.dll    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfc42ud.lib                                                mfc42ud.pdb                             mfcapwz.dll    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfcd42d.dll    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfcd42d.lib                                                mfcd42d.pdb                             mfcd42ud.dll   6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfcd42ud.lib                                                mfcd42ud.pdb                             mfcn42d.dll    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfcn42d.lib                                                mfcn42d.pdb                             mfcn42ud.dll   6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfcn42ud.lib                                                mfcn42ud.pdb                             mfco42d.dll    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfco42d.lib                                                mfco42d.pdb                             mfco42ud.dll   6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         mfco42ud.lib                                                mfco42ud.pdb                             mfcs42.lib                             mfcs42.pdb                             mfcs42d.lib                             mfcs42d.pdb                             mfcs42u.lib                             mfcs42u.pdb                             mfcs42ud.lib                             mfcs42ud.pdb                             msize.c                             msvcrt.dll     6.0.8168.0   6.0.8397.0                         msvcrt.lib                             msvcrt.pdb                             msvcrt40.dll                         msvcrtd.dll    6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         msvcrtd.lib                             msvcrtd.pdb for .dll                             msvcrtd.pdb for .lib                             nafxcw.lib                             nafxcw.pdb                             nafxcwd.lib                             nafxcwd.pdb                             nafxis.lib                             nafxisd.lib                             nafxisd.pdb                             new.cpp                             oleaut32.lib                             oleauto.h                             oledlgs2.cpp                             psession.h                             realloc.c                             sbheap.c                             shcv.dll       6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         sockcore.cpp                             strex.cpp                             strftime.c                             tln0t.dll      6.0.8168.0   6.0.8447.0                         tzset.c                             uafxcw.lib                             uafxcw.pdb                             uafxcwd.lib                             uafxcwd.pdb                             uuid.lib                             viewcore.cpp                             wincore.cpp                             winfrm.cpp                             winheap.h                   				

Visual FoxPro

                        _app.vct                             _app.vcx                             _base.prg                             _base.vct                             _base.vcx                             _controls.vct                             _controls.vcx                             _environ.vct                             _environ.vcx                             _framewk.dbf                             _framewk.fpt                             _framewk.h                             _framewk.vct                             _framewk.vcx                             _gallery.vct                             _gallery.vcx                             _html.vct                             _html.vcx                             _htmlsty.vct                             _htmlsty.vcx                             _internet.vct                             _internet.vcx                             _menu.vct                             _menu.vcx                             _miscbtns.vct                             _miscbtns.vcx                             _movers.vct                             _movers.vcx                             _reports.vct                             _reports.vcx                             _table.vct                             _table.vcx                             _therm.vct                             _therm.vcx                             _ui.vct                             _ui.vcx                             _utility.vct                             _utility.vcx                             _webview.vct                             _webview.vcx                             activex.dep                             appbldr.h                             appbldr.prg                             appbldr.sct                             appbldr.scx                             apphook.vct                             apphook.vcx                             appwiz.prg                             appwiz.sct                             appwiz.scx                                                builder2.vct                             builder2.vcx                             builderd.cdx                             builderd.dbf                             builderd.fpt                             builderd.vct                             builderd.vcx                                                                   fd3.fll        6.0.8161.0   6.0.8450.0                         fdkeywrd.cdx                             fdkeywrd.dbf                             foxhhelp.exe   6.0.8161.0   6.0.8450.0                         foxhhelpps.dll 6.0.8161.0   6.0.8450.0                         foxisapi.dll   6.0.8156.0   6.0.8450.0                         foxpro.h                             fpole.dll      6.0.8161.0   6.0.8450.0                         fpole.ocx      6.0.8162.0   6.0.8450.0                         genhtml.prg                             mdac_typ.exe   4.71.1015.0  21.1.3711.11                         registry.vct                             registry.vcx                                                runcode.prg                             vfp6.exe       6.0.8167.0   6.0.8492.0                         vfp6chs.dll                 6.0.8492.0                         vfp6cht.dll                 6.0.8492.0                         vfp6deu.dll                 6.0.8492.0                         vfp6enu.dll    6.0.8167.0   6.0.8492.0                         vfp6esn.dll                 6.0.8492.0                         vfp6fra.dll                 6.0.8492.0                         vfp6kor.dll    6.0.8167.0   6.0.8492.0                         vfp6r.dep                             vfp6r.dll      6.0.8167.0   6.0.8492.0                         vfp6rchs.dll                6.0.8492.0                         vfp6rcht.dll                6.0.8492.0                         vfp6rcze.dll                6.0.8492.0                         vfp6rdeu.dll                6.0.8492.0                         vfp6renu.dll   6.0.8167.0   6.0.8492.0                         vfp6resn.dll                6.0.8492.0                         vfp6rfra.dll                6.0.8492.0                         vfp6rkor.dll   6.0.8167.0   6.0.8492.0                         vfp6rrus.dll                6.0.8492.0                         vfp6run.exe    6.0.8167.0   6.0.8450.0                         vfp6t.dll                   6.0.8492.0                         vfpcab.dll                         vfpglry.vct                             vfpglry.vcx                             vfpsp3.chm                                                wizard.dbf                             wizard.fpt                             wizbase.vct                             wizbase.vcx                             wizbtns.vct                             wizbtns.vcx                             www catalog.dbf                             www catalog.fpt                                                                                                                                                        				

Visual InterDev

                        bldwizmg.dll                         button.asp                             checkbox.asp                             datagrid.asp                             dtcrt.dll                         dtcserv.dll                         genproj.dll    7.0.8168.0   7.0.8450.0                         htmed.dll                         htmedui.dll                         label.asp                             listbox.asp                             mdac_typ.exe   4.71.1015.0  21.1.3711.11                         mmdtc.dll                         msde.dll                         optiongrp.asp                             pdm.dll                         pm.asp                             recordset.asp                             rsnavbar.asp                             textbox.asp                             triedit.dll                         urlpkr.dll                         viddbpkg.dll                         viddbui.dll                         vidisws.dll                         vidtc1.dll                         vidwebui.dll                         viwz1.dll                         viwz1ui.dll                         viwzrt.dll				

Visual J++

                        appletht.vjp                             classd.exe     5.0.2922.0   5.0.3176.0                         classr.exe     5.0.2922.0   5.0.3176.0                         comcontr.vjp                             consappl.vjp                             extwarn.txt                             jactivex.exe   5.00.2918    5.0.3167.1                         javah.exe                             javah.htm                             javale.dll                                 jni.h                             jps.dll                         jvc.exe                         mdm.exe                         msdbg.dll                         msjava.lib                             msjavx86.exe   5.0.2922.0   5.0.3176.0                         msjvc.dll      6.00.8167                         msvj98.dll                         msvj98ui.dll                         pdm.dll                         pkginst.exe    1.0.8173.1   1.0.8173.1                         scriptle.dll                         signcode.exe                5.101.1671.1                         signer.dll                  5.101.1671.1                         vjreg.exe                         wfcdev.cer                   				

Visual SourceSafe

                        analyze.exe    6.0.8383                         ddconv.exe                             ddupd.exe                             ss.exe                             ssapi.dll    6.0.8383                         ssarc.exe    6.0.8383                         ssgui.dll    6.0.8383                         ssrestor.exe    6.0.8383				

Visual Studio

                        acmsetup.exe                         autorun.inf                             eula.txt                             redist.txt                             regsvr32.exe   4.0.1381.0   5.0.1641.1                         regtlib.exe                             setup.exe      2.20.903.0				

VSEE Repository

                        insrepim.dll   6.0.8161.0   6.10.8253.0                         repodbc.dll    6.0.8161.0   6.10.9064.4                         reprc.dll      6.0.8161.0   6.10.8253.0				
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