XADM: Information Store Returns Service-Specific Error 3355443752

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After you restore from an online backup, the information store service fails to start with service-specific error 3355443752. The application log contains the following events:
Event ID: 5000
Source: MSExchangeIS
Type: Error
Category: General
Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service. Error 0xc8000228.

Event ID: 1080
Source: MSExchangeIS
Type: Error
Category: Recovery
Unable to recover the database because error 0xc8000228 occurred after a restore operation. The patch file is not generated from this backup.

Event ID: 0
Source: ESE97
Type: Error
Category: Logging/Recovery
MSExchangeIS ((416) ) -552
The number within parenthesis on the last event may be different, but the -552 is present.
This problem is a result of running isinteg -patch or eseutil /r /is immediately after you restore from an online backup and before you start the information store service.

Only run isinteg -patch after you restore from an offline backup. If you run isinteg -patch against an online restore, the databases are inconsistent (as they always are after an online restore). At that point Isinteg runs a soft recovery, which is the same as Eseutil /r /is.

An online restore restores patch files for both the private and public information stores. Those patch files, Priv.pat and Pub.pat, contain transactions that are not replayed during a soft recovery. Because of this, the soft recovery results in a database that no longer matches the patch files and may also produce a database that is damaged because of the missing transactions. When the information store service starts, recovery fails with a -552 Jet_errDatabasePatchFileMismatch.
Before you start the service, run another restore of the online backup without running isinteg -patch.
Note that Isinteg -patch only runs if an Edb.log is present in the Information Store Log folder. An online restore does not restore an Edb.log. Therefore, the situation described here only occurs after you do a "no-loss restore" (which retains all existing log files in the information store folders), and when you follow that restore immediately with Isinteg -patch. This is not the only situation that may generate a -552 error, and in other circumstances, the cause and resolution may be different.

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Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Standard Edition

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