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INFO: NDIS Level and Component Debugging Flags

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There is additional Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) debugging information available in Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE. This article describes how to access that additional information using the global symbols, ndisdebuglevel and ndisdebugsystems.
Listed below are level and component NDIS debugging flags. These flags are set through the debugger, and provide trace information as execution passes through NDIS. These flags can be ORed together.

Execute the WDEB386 or WDEB98 debugger with the /B option to break the debugger after driver loading finishes and before VMM initialization begins. At the break, set the NDIS trace important flag, and go:
e ndistraceimpt 1				
After returning from WrapperSyCriticalInit, break into the system and set the ORed value of the trace information in which you are interested. Enter the ORed value in Intel byte order. Use of these flags requires the Windows 98/SE debug binary version of the Ndis.vxd device driver.

EXAMPLE: Set the level trace information for ERROR in the debugger in the following manner:
e ndisdebuglevel 00 20 00 00				
Level Descriptions Value
INFORMATION 0x00000000
LOG 0x00000800
WARNING 0x00001000
ERROR 0x00002000
FATAL 0x00003000

EXAMPLE: Set the component trace information for RECEIVE and SEND in the debugger in the following manner:
e ndisdebugsystems 0C 00 00 00				
Component Descriptions Value
INITIALIZE 0x00000001
SEND 0x00000004
RECEIVE 0x00000008
MEMORY 0x00000010
FILTER 0x00000020
PROTOCOL 0x00000040
REQUEST 0x00000080
UNLOAD 0x00000100
WORK ITEM 0x00000200
OPEN 0x00000400
LOCKS 0x00000800
PLUG AND PLAY 0x00001000
PM 0x00002000
RESET 0x00004000
Windows Machine Instrumentation 0x00008000
CoSTATUS 0x00010000
REFERENCE 0x00020000

All trace output is emitted to the current kernel debugger.

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Microsoft Windows 98 Standard Edition, Microsoft Windows 98 Driver Development Kit (DDK)

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