Error C00D0029 Using Windows Media Player

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While you are viewing multimedia content with Windows Media Player, you may receive one of the following error messages:
The connection to the server has been lost. (Error=C00D0029)
Cannot open Please verify that the path and filename are correct and try again. (Error=C00D0029)
This behavior may occur if either of the following conditions is true:
  • Windows Media Player is no longer connected to the Web site that is providing the audio or video content. Two common ways of connecting to a Web site are with a network cable or a telephone line using Dial-Up Networking. Most likely, the Web site or one of its components is having a problem, the Web site is busy, or you have lost your network connection.
  • Windows Media Player cannot connect to the Web site that is providing the audio or video content because the proxy server (the computer that protects your network) cannot be found. Most likely, the IP address for the proxy server has been incorrectly entered. This is not applicable to dial-up users.
To resolve this issue, use the appropriate method:
  • Make sure that your computer is still connected to the network and try again. If that does not solve the problem, contact the Web site providing the content for more information.
  • If you are using a proxy server for access to the Internet, make sure the correct name for the proxy server is entered in Windows Media Player.

    For Windows Media Player 6.0, 6.1, and 7.0:

    On the View menu, click Options, on the Advanced tab, click Streaming Media, click Change, click Use Proxy, click Configure Proxy Settings, and then type the name of the proxy server. This resolution may not apply to dial-up users.

    For Windows Media Player 7.1,Windows Media Player for Windows XP, and Windows Media Player 9 Series:

    Click Tools, click Options, on the Network tab under the Proxy setting, click the Configure button, and then configure the address and settings for the correct proxy server.

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