How to Use Regini.exe to Set Permissions on Registry Keys

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This article describes how to use the Regini.exe tool in the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit to modify registry permissions from within a script.
It may be useful to use the Regini tool to modify registry permissions from within a script to automate the distribution of permissions or for other uses. For example, if an administrator wanted to allow Everyone to have full control to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\MyCompany\MyProgram, the following sample Regini script would assign this permission:
\registry\machine              software                  mycompany                         myprogram [1 5 7 17]				
The numbers that appear after the MyProgram key correspond to group permissions, and are defined in the following list:
 1  - Administrators Full Access 2  - Administrators Read Access 3  - Administrators Read and Write Access  4  - Administrators Read, Write and Delete Access 5  - Creator Full Access 6  - Creator Read and Write Access 7  - World Full Access 8  - World Read Access 9  - World Read and Write Access 10 - World Read, Write and Delete Access 11 - Power Users Full Access 12 - Power Users Read and Write Access 13 - Power Users Read, Write and Delete Access 14 - System Operators Full Access 15 - System Operators Read and Write Access 16 - System Operators Read, Write and Delete Access 17 - System Full Access 18 - System Read and Write Access 19 - System Read Access 20 - Administrators Read, Write and Execute Access 21 - Interactive User Full Access 22 - Interactive User Read and Write Access 23 - Interactive User Read, Write and Delete Access				
Based on the script, the permissions of the MyProgram key are now:

Administrators: Full Control
Creator/Owner: Full Control
World (Everyone): Full Control
System: Full Control

NOTE: When you use Regini in this way, it actually replaces all permissions with those specified in the script, so to change "Everyone-Read" to "Everyone-Full Control," the new permission (number 7) must be applied, along with the other existing permissions. Note that if 7 is the only number specified in brackets in the script, then the permissions after running the script would only be "Everyone-Full Control."

For more information about the Regini.exe tool, please refer the Regini.doc file included in the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit.

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