INFO: List of Files Installed by MDAC 2.1 SP 2

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This article presents a list of all the files installed by MDAC (GA).

You can download MDAC 2.1 Service Pack 2 (Mdac_typ.exe) from the Microsoft Universal Data Access download Web page:
Component        Filename       	Version      	Install Location                        	Description    ADO        MDAC21RD.txt   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Release Notes for MDAC21        adoapt15.reg   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Apartment Thread Model batch file        adofre15.reg   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Free Thread Model batch file   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	JavaScript Include file for ADO        adoreadm.txt   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Release Notes for ADO     	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	VBScript Include file for ADO        makapt15.bat   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Apartment Thread Model batch file        makfre15.bat   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Free Thread Model batch file        msader15.dll   	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	ADO Error String Library        msado15.dll    	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	ADO Library        msado20.tlb    	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	ADO Type-Library        msador15.dll   	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	ADO Resource Library        msadrh15.dll   	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	ADO Rowset Helper    ADOMD        adomdrd.txt    	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Release Notes for ADOMD        msadomd.dll    	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	ADO Multi-Dimensional Library    ADOX        adoxrdme.txt   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	ADOX Release Notes        msadox.dll     	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	ADO Extensions Library    JRO        jroread.txt    	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Release Notes for JRO        msjro.dll      	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\ADO	Jet Replication Objects Library    Jet 4.0        expsrv.dll   	[sysdir]                                	VBA Expression Service        msexch40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Exchange IISAM        msexcl40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Excel IISAM        msjet40.dll    	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Jet Engine        msjint40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Jet International Library        msjter40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Jet Error Library        msjtes40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Jet 4.0 Expression Service        msltus40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Lotus IISAM        mspbde40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Paradox IISAM        msrclr40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Replication Reconciler        msrd2x40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	ISAM for Jet 2.0 Databases        msrd3x40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	ISAM for Jet 3.0 Databases        msrecr40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Replication Reconciler Resource Library        msrepl40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Replication Library        mstext40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Text IISAM        mswdat10.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Jet Sorting Data Library        mswstr10.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	Jet Sorting Library        msxbde40.dll   	4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	dBase IISAM        vbajet32.dll   	[sysdir]                                	VBA Expression Service Loader    Jet OLE DB Provider        msjetoledb40.dll 4.0.2927.2   	[sysdir]                                	OLE DB Provider for Jet    Access ODBC Driver        odbcjet.cnt    	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Jet ODBC Help Contents        odbcjet.hlp    	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Jet ODBC Help        odbcji32.dll   	4.0.4202.0   	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Driver for Desktop Databases Resource Library        odbcjt32.dll   	4.0.4202.0   	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Driver for Desktop Databases        oddbse32.dll   	4.0.4202.0   	[sysdir]                                	Installable dBase IISAM        odexl32.dll    	4.0.4202.0   	[sysdir]                                	Installable Excel IISAM        odfox32.dll    	4.0.4202.0   	[sysdir]                                	Installable FoxPro IISAM        odpdx32.dll    	4.0.4202.0   	[sysdir]                                	Installable Paradox IISAM        odtext32.dll   	4.0.4202.0   	[sysdir]                                	Installable Text IISAM    MTxOCI        mtxoci.dll     	1998.2.715.0 	[sysdir]                                	Oracle Database support Library    ODBC Core        ds16gt.dll     	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC 16-bit driver setup generic thunking        ds32gt.dll     	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC 32-bit driver setup generic thunking        mtxdm.dll      	1997.11.532.0	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Connection Pooling Manager        odbc16gt.dll   	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC 16-bit generic thunking        odbc32.dll     	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Driver Manager        odbc32gt.dll   	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC 32-bit generic thunking        odbcad32.exe   	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Administrator Executable        odbccp32.cpl   	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Control Panel Applet        odbccp32.dll   	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Control Panel Library        odbccr32.dll   	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC ANSI Cursor Library        odbccu32.dll   	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Unicode Cursor Library        odbcinst.cnt   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Installer Help Contents        odbcinst.hlp   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Installer Help        odbcint.dll    	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC 16-bit Installer        odbctrac.dll   	3.510.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	ODBC Tracing Library    OLE DB Core        msdadc.dll     	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Data Conversion Library        msdaenum.dll   	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Services Enumerator        msdaer.dll     	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Errors Object        msdaosp.dll    	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Simple Provider        msdaps.dll     	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Interface Remote        msdasc.cnt     	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Service Components Help Contents        msdasc.dll     	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Service Components Library        msdasc.hlp     	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Service Components Help        msdasc.txt     	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	Release Notes for OLE DB Service Components        msdasql.dll    	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Provider for ODBC        msdasqlr.dll   	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Provider for ODBC Resource Library        msdatl2.dll    	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Tools Library        msdatt.dll     	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Temporary Table Service Provider        msdsqlrm.txt   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Provider for ODBC Release Notes        msxactps.dll   	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Transactions Proxies / Stubs        oledb32.dll    	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Core Services Library        oledb32r.dll   	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Resource Library        oledb32x.dll   	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Extensions Library    Oracle ODBC Driver        mscpxl32.dll    	[sysdir]                                	ANSI Codepage Translator        msorcl32.cnt   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Oracle ODBC Help Contents        msorcl32.dll   	2.573.4202.0 	[sysdir]                                	Oracle ODBC Driver        msorcl32.hlp   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Oracle ODBC Help        msorcrdm.txt   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Oracle ODBC Driver Release Notes    Oracle OLE DB Provider        msdaora.dll    	2.10.4202.0  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	OLE DB Provider for Oracle        msorcolr.txt   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	Oracle OLE DB Provider Release Notes    RDS        HANDLER.reg    	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	Register and Include file   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	JavaScript Include file for RDS/ADC     	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	VBScript Include file for RDS/ADC        handsafe.reg   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	Handler settings for safe mode/restricted access        handunsf.reg   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	Handler settings for unrestricted access        msadce.dll     	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Client-Side Cursor Engine        msadcer.dll    	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Client-Side Cursor Engine Resource Library        msadcf.dll     	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Data-Factory Object        msadcfr.dll    	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Data-Factory Object Resource Library        msadco.dll     	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Databinding HTML Control        msadcor.dll    	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Databinding HTML Control Resource Library        msadcs.dll     	2.10.4202.2  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS ISAPI Library        msadds.dll     	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS DataShape Provider        msaddsr.dll    	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS DataShape Provider Resource Library        msdaprsr.dll   	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Proxies / Stubs Resource Library        msdaprst.dll   	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Proxies / Stubs Library        msdarem.dll    	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Remoting        msdaremr.dll   	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Remoting Resource Library        msdatsrc.tlb   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	RDS DataBinding Type-Library        msdfmap.dll    	2.10.4202.1  	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\MSADC	RDS Data-Factory Handler Core        msdfmap.ini    	None.        	[windir]                                	RDS Data-Factory Handler Core INI file    SQL Server ODBC Driver        12520437.cpx   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Translation Code Page        12520850.cpx   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Translation Code Page        Sqlsrdme.txt   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server ODBC Driver Release Notes        cliconf.hlp    	None.        	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server Client Configuration Help file        cliconfg.DLL   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server Client Configuration Library        cliconfg.exe   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server Client Configuration Executable        odbcbcp.dll    	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server BCP Library        sqlsodbc.hlp   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server ODBC Help        sqlsrv32.dll    	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server ODBC Driver        sqlstr.dll     	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server String Function Library        sqlwid.dll     	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server UNICODE Function Library        sqlwoa.dll     	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server ANSI / UNICODE Function Library    SQL Server OLE DB Provider        SQLOLEDB.txt   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	SQL Server OLEDB Provider Release Notes        SQLSOLDB.hlp   	None.        	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	SQL Server OLEDB Help        dbmsadsn.dll   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server AppleTalk Net-Library        dbmsrpcn.dll   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server RPC Net-Library        dbmsshrn.dll   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server Shared-Memory Net-Library        dbmssocn.dll   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server TCP/IP Sockets Net-Library        dbmsspxn.dll   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server SPX Net-Library        dbmsvinn.dll   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server Vines Networking Net-Library        dbnmpntw.dll   	1999.4.5.0   	[sysdir]                                	SQL Server Named Pipes Net-Library        instcat.sql    	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Updated System Stored Procedure Catalog        sqloledb.dll     	\[programfiles]\[commonfiles]\System\OLE DB	SQL Server OLEDB Provider    Setup        common98.dll   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Setup Library        mdac.cmd       	None.        	[sysdir]                                	ACLs script batch file        msdamg9x.dll   	2.50.4202.0   	[sysdir]                                	Windows 95/98 Setup Migration Library        odbcconf.exe   	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Setup Library        odbckey.inf    	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Setup Library        odbcstf.dll    	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Setup Library    System        asycfilt.dll   	2.40.4275.1  	[sysdir]                                	OLE Automation System Library        msvcirt.dll    	6.0.8168.0   	[sysdir]                                	Microsoft C-Runtime Library        msvcrt.dll     	6.0.8397.0   	[sysdir]                                	Microsoft C-Runtime Library        oleaut32.dll   	2.40.4275.1  	[sysdir]                                	OLE Automation System Library        olepro32.dll   	5.0.4275.1   	[sysdir]                                	OLE Automation System Library        stdole2.tlb    	2.40.4275.1  	[sysdir]                                	OLE Automation System Library    Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver        drvvfp.cnt     	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver Help Contents        drvvfp.hlp     	None.        	[sysdir]                                	Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver Help        vfpodbc.dll    	6.0.8440.0   	[sysdir]                                	Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver        vfpodbc.txt    	None.        	[sysdir]                                	VFPODBC Release Notes				

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