Cannot Connect to Password-Protected Share on Windows 95/98 Computer

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When you try to connect to a share on a computer running Windows 95 or Windows 98 from a Windows NT-based or Windows 2000-based computer that is either in a workgroup or not in the same domain, you may prompted for your user name and password. If the Windows 95/98-based computer is using share-level security with a password-protected share, it does not recognize your credentials.
To gain access to the share, type Windows 95/98 computer name\administrator as the user account and the password for the share when you are prompted for your credentials. Substitute the computer name of the Windows 95/98-based computer for Windows 95/98 computer name.
In Windows 95/98, you can specify share-level or user-level security for protecting shared resources on the computer. Share-level security requires file and printer sharing services.

Share-level security protects shared network resources on the computer with individually assigned passwords. For example, you can assign a password to a folder or a locally attached printer. If other users want to gain access to the shared resource, they must use the appropriate password. If you do not assign a password to a shared resource, every user with access to the network can gain access to the resource.

User-level security protects shared network resources by requiring that a security provider authenticate a user's request to gain access to resources. The security provider (such as a Windows NT domain controller or a Novell NetWare server) grants access to the shared resource by verifying that the user name and password are the same as those on the user account list stored on the network security provider. Because the security provider maintains a network-wide list of user accounts and passwords, each computer running Windows 95/98 does not have to store a list of accounts.

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