INFO: MAPI_NO_COINIT Flag To Make MAPIInitialize Not Call CoInit

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If CoInitializeEx is called with the COINIT_MULTITHREADED flag before MAPIInitialize is called, you will get error 0x80010106 (E_INVALID_FLAGS or RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE). To prevent this error, set MAPI_NO_COINIT (value of 0x8) in the ulFlags member of the MAPIINIT_0 structure passed in MAPIInitialize.

Note The MAPI_NO_COINIT flag was added to MAPI in Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 SP1.
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MAPI, by default, will try to initialize COM with a call to CoInitialize. This initializes COM with a single threaded apartment model. Since COM has already been initialized with a multithreaded model and the threading model cannot be changed, MAPIInitialize will fail and return RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE.

If a MAPIINIT_0 structure is passed into MAPIInitialize with ulFlags set to MAPI_NO_COINIT, MAPI will assume that COM has already been initialized and bypass the call to CoInitialize.

As stated before, this flag was added to MAPI in Exchange 5.5 SP1. Attempting to set this flag on earlier versions of MAPI will result in MAPI_E_UNKNOWN_FLAGS, as this flag is not known to previous versions of MAPI.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

The following code will show the error code and how to use MAPI_NO_COINIT to avoid it:
   //Link in MAPI32.LIB to build this code.   #define _WIN32_DCOM   #include <stdio.h>   #include <conio.h>   #include <mapix.h>struct StartOle {StartOle() {       CoInitializeEx(NULL,         COINIT_MULTITHREADED);    }   ~StartOle() {       CoUninitialize();    }} _inst_StartOle;   #define MAPI_NO_COINIT 8void main(){   HRESULT hRes;   MAPIINIT_0 MAPIInit;   MAPIInit.ulFlags = //      MAPI_NO_COINIT |       0;   MAPIInit.ulVersion = MAPI_INIT_VERSION;   hRes = MAPIInitialize(&MAPIInit);   MAPIUninitialize();   if (FAILED(hRes))   {      printf("Failed with hRes of %x\n",hRes);		   }   printf("Hit any key to continue\n");   while(!_kbhit()){ Sleep(500);};	}				
Uncomment the line with MAPI_NO_COINIT will clear the error.
For additional information about a related fix, please click the article number below in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
179116 FIX: MAPIInitialize() Fails with MAPI_E_INVALID_FLAGS

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