List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, Service Pack 5

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This article contains a list of article numbers for bugs that are fixed in Windows NT Server version 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, Service Pack 5. Service packs are cumulative. This means that the bugs fixed in a service pack are also fixed in subsequent service packs. Click the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to view the article about that bug.
225037 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
150734 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 and Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4 (Part 1)
194834 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 and Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4 (Part 2)
224793 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 and Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4 (Part 3)
In addition to the bugs listed below, the latest service pack for Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, fixes the following problems:
222970 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition
For information about obtaining the latest service pack for Windows NT 4.0 and Terminal Server Edition, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
152734 How to Obtain the Latest Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack
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193361 MSGINA.DLL does not Reset WINLOGON Structure
194812 All Users See All Other Users' Auto-Created Printers
194829 NET USE for Dfs Shares Fail for Terminal Server Clients > 9
195612 RpcServerUseProtSeqEp() Call Causes Local Named Object to Be Created in Global Name Space
195932 DHCP Server of Service Pack 4 Ignores Reservations
196270 SNMP Agent Leaks Memory When Queried
196662 Window Settings for Folders on the Desktop Are Not Retained
197253 LPD Job May Cause TCPSVCS to Hang
214429 Stop 0xA in Netbt.sys When Querying the DNS for a NetBIOS Name
214441 Access Violation in Spoolss.exe on Windows NT Terminal Server
214500 Application Compatibility Flag Registry Setting for DOS Application Not Read Correctly
216383 Memory Allocations May Fail When There Are Large Free Blocks
216477 Environment Path Too Long Can Cause Access Violation in Winlogon
216913 BIOS Date Value Does Not Immediately Update on January 1, 2000
222714 Pause/Break Key Functions As NUMLOCK Key on Terminal Server Client
222842 STOP 0x000000050 in Win32k.sys on Terminal Server
227000 Dr. Watson Error in Termsrv.exe After Logon
228807 Dr Watson Error After Installing Application on Windows NT Terminal Server
228994 Smss.exe Does Not Resolve Forward References in Environment
229012 Disconnected WinStation Sessions that Generate a "Hard Error" Dialog Boxes Cannot be Reset
229789 Windows Terminal Server Always Contacts PDC
230168 Terminal Server Does Not Support User Mode Printer Drivers
230279 Corrupted User Profiles Can Cause New Local Default to Be Lost
230335 Dates May Be Displayed Improperly Using Configuration Back-Up Option in IIS 4.0 HTML Administrator
230449 Service Control Handler May Not Receive SERVICE_CONTROL_SHUTDOWN Notification
230558 Terminal Server Hangs and Continuously Loops in Win32k.sys
231313 Screensaver Does Not Work After 14 or 15 Times on a Terminal Server Client
231374 SYSKEY on Terminal Server Causes Intermittent Logon Problems
232338 User Prompted for Wrong Version of Windows NT CD When Installing Additional Components
232649 Stop 0x00000050 When Using Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server
233220 STOP 0x1E in Win32k.sys with Large Number of Programs Running
234029 Err Msg: "Temp Directory Not Accessible" After Applying TSE SP4
234531 OLE Directory May Have Uninitialized Data in the Document File
235551 Exiting Full-Screen DOS Session Freezes ICA Session After Applying SP4
235567 QUERY USER Command Does Not Query Information from Remote Server
236059 Memory Leak in Rdpdd.dll
236359 Denial of Service Attack Using Unprotected IOCTL Function Call
236390 Spooler Rollup Fix to Address Memory Leaks in Terminal Server
236405 Terminal Server License Service May Not Start on 2/29/2000
236794 STOP 0x0000000A in Ntoskrnl.exe Caused by Race Condition in Tcpip.sys
236988 Err Msg: "Failed Getting User Configuration, Error = 2 (0x2)" When Using the TSPROF Command
237185 Access Violation Error Message When You Quit Phone Dialer
237566 %HOMEPATH%, %HOMESHARE%, and %HOMEDRIVE% Variables Resolved Incorrectly
237974 Unable to Activate a DCOM Server from a Terminal Server Client Session
238070 Computer May Hang if Multiple Terminal Server Users Connect to a Remote Printer and Print Simultaneously
238186 Simultaneous Terminal Server Client Logons May Not Connect
238262 Err Msg: "STOP 0x00000050" in Terminal Server Edition
238495 STOP 0xC000021A in Winlogon.exe on a Terminal Server
239873 Application Security May Not Work After Improper Shutdown
233482 STOP 0x0000001E in Win32k.sys on Terminal Server
240992 Error Message: An Application Error Has Occurred and an Application Error Log Is Being Generated
241359 Error Message: STOP 0x0000001E in RDR.SYS on Windows NT Terminal Server
241392 STOP 0x50 Error Message in Mup.sys
241411 Session Name Is Already in Use with Multiple Simultaneous Logons
241961 Terminal Server RDP Client Window Hangs While You Are Logging On
242983 Error Message: Stop 0x0000001E in Win32k!GreRealizePalette()

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