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"The Requested Resource Is in Use" Error Message While Preparing or Moving Media

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While you are using Removable Storage Manager (RSM) and attempting to prepare media or move media that is located in a program's media pool to the free media pool, you may receive the following error message:
Removable Storage

The requested resource is in use.
You receive this error message after you receive several different prompts, depending on whether you chose to prepare or move the media. These prompts include:
Confirm Media Preparation
This operation will destroy the data on the media and move it to the free pool.

Are you sure you want to write a free media label on the selected medium ?
Followed by:
Confirm Media Preparation
Are you sure you want to write a free media label on 'Media_Name'?
Confirm Media Move
Moving a piece of media to a free media pool will destroy the data on it.
Are you sure you want to write a free media label on 'Media_Name'?
The "The requested resource is in use" error message may imply that the media drive or changer is in use. This error message occurs because the RSM "prepare media" and "move media" functions do not check to see if the media is free or unallocated before asking for confirmations. The only media that is allowed to be prepared or moved is media that is not currently allocated by a program (or in other words, is currently deallocated).
Before you attempt to prepare media or to move media to the free media pool, you must manually deallocate that media first:
  1. Right-click the media you want to deallocate, point to All Tasks, and then click Deallocate.
  2. When you receive the following prompts, click Yes at each prompt:
    • Confirm Media Deallocation
      Deallocating media without the knowledge of the owning application can cause the data on it to be lost.
      Are you sure you want to deallocate the selected item ?

      YES NO
    • Confirm Media Deallocation
      Are you sure you want to deallocate 'tape_name'?

      YES NO
This deallocates the media from the current program and allows the media to be prepared or moved the next time you try the operation.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.
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