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Asset Intelligence custom labels do not get replicated to child sites in System Center Configuration Manager 2007


Newly created custom labels are present in the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 central site however they do not show up on child sites. You do not see any replication related issues in any of the logs and the AIKBMGR.LOG does not show that an attempt is being made to replicate these objects. You may also see a message similar to the following in the AIKBMGR.LOG:

0 changes in range [0x00000000043744F8-0x000000000265AC79]

Note that the left HEX value in the range above is greater than the HEX value on the right. Also, whenever you make a change and a new message is generated, the right HEX value changes but is still smaller than the left HEX value.

This can occur if the column "KeyValue" is set to an incorrect HEX value for the column "KeyName" where KeyName is "Replication" in the AI_Generic table.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below:

1. Create a test custom label.
2. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the central site's SQL server.
3. Run the following query on the Central Site's database:

select * from LU_Category_Local where type=2

4. Check the entry there for the custom label you just created. Note the value for the rowversion column for this entry.
5. Run the following query to correct the AI_Generic table.

Update AI_Generic Set KeyValue = '<HEX value from the first SQL query>' where KeyName='Replication'

6. Now, for each of the custom labels which need to be replicated from the central to the child site just add a description in their properties.
7. Once all the required changes have been made, wait for a couple of minutes and then restart the SMS Executive service.
8. Monitor the AIKBMGR.LOG and you should see messages similar to the ones below indicating successful replication of these objects:

Successfully replicated SMS Object Asset Intelligence batched data{00ff83ae-6df4-408f-ad4d-4f98ce7c5be2}, ReplVarFileName:D:\PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT CONFIGURATION MANAGER\inboxes\\10x5bpkx.TMP
Successfully replicated to all sites. Object - ID= Asset Intelligence batched data{00ff83ae-6df4-408f-ad4d-4f98ce7c5be2} - Name= Asset Intelligence batched data{00ff83ae-6df4-408f-ad4d-4f98ce7c5be2}

Once you start seeing these messages in the log you can be sure that the custom labels are now getting replicated. In order to confirm this, just open the ConfigMgr 2007 console on the child site and refresh the custom labels section.

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