Unattended or quiet mode setup for Windows 2000 Multilingual version

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This article describes how to set up Windows 2000 Multilingual version using the unattended or quiet mode setup.
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Quick Steps for unattended installation of the Windows 2000 MultiLanguage Version

  1. Copy all the MultiLanguage files from CD-ROM 2 (and CD-ROM 3, if applicable) into a temporary folder immediately under the root folder of a network install source. (In this guide, we name the temporary folder \Muitemp.)
  2. Create an answer file containing at least a [RegionalSettings] section. Use this section to specify the Language Groups and locales to install. Use the appropriate Language Group IDs and Locale IDs (LCIDs). Remember to ensure that the Language Groups you install are sufficient to cover BOTH the locale settings and the user interface languages you are installing. For example:
  3. Add the [GUIRunOnce] section to specify the user interface languages to install by executing the Muisetup program with the settings you want. Use the appropriate Language ID (LANGID)s, and the Muisetup command line parameters to ensure a quiet installation. Run a command to remove the temporary Muitemp folder after you install the program. For example:
    "%windir%\MUITEMP\MUISETUP.exe [-i LangID LangID...] [-d LangID] -r -s"
    "%windir%\SYSTEM32\CMD.EXE /c RMDIR %WINDIR%\MUITEMP /s /q"
  4. Run the Winnt32.exe program with appropriate options to use the answer file, and then copy the Muitemp temporary folder to the target drive. If you are installing Language Groups, be sure to use the /copysource switch to copy the necessary Language Group files. (If you only need to copy one Language Group, you can specify that group using the following syntax "lang\[language directory name]". For example:
    winnt32.exe /unattend:"mui.txt" /copysource:"lang" /copydir:"MUITEMP"
    /s:"path to install source"
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