XGEN: The Role of DSAccess in Exchange 2000 Server

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DSAccess provides a shared memory caching warehouse of directory information to be used by several components such as the information store, message categorizer, message transfer agent (MTA) or any other component or service that requires directory service information. The intent is to reduce the number of queries going directly to the Windows 2000 Active Directory (AD). The caching implementation helps to reduce the cost overhead associated with a direct access to the AD.

DSAccess provides an API set to access the Windows 2000 directory by means of WLDAP32, thus providing a layer in which to implement caching. WLDAP32 acts as the translating interface between DSAccess and the Windows 2000 AD.
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DSAccess has been repeatedly confused with a different aspect of Exchange 2000 design known as DSProxy or DSReferral. Although DSproxy does use DSAccess to get Global Catalog (GC) state information, do not confuse DSProxy with DSAccess. The DSAccess component as included in Exchange 2000 is implemented as a .dll file, called Dsaccess.dll, located in the Exchsrvr\Bin folder.

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