The language of the content on the Advanced Properties page of a network adaptor is not changed after changing the system display language

Consider the following scenario. You install a network adaptor on a Windows 7 computer that has multiple MUI packages installed and the driver package provided by the hardware vendor also contains the resources for multiple languages. When you view the Advanced Properties page of this network adaptor in device manager, the language of the content displayed on this page matches the original default system display language. After that, you change the system display language to a different one. For example, change it from Japanese to English. You may expect that the language of the content on the Advanced Properties page is also changed to reflect the new system display language. However, the properties still stay in the original language and are not changed.
This is by design in Windows 7. The strings displayed on the Advanced Properties page are snapshotted at time of installing the driver package of the default system language. It will not be changed when changing the system display language.
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