INFO: Migration of Boot Loader from Windows CE 2.11 to 2.12

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When migrating your boot loader from Windows CE 2.11 to Windows CE 2.12, you must ensure that the following change is made:

Before compiling, make a code change to the SOURCES file for Nk.exe and the boot loader as shown below to reflect the LDEFINE flags as appropriate:
ROMIMAGE gives unpredictable results if EXEBASE is not specified forNk.exe. The EXEBASE value is also ignored if KERNELFIXUPS=on (default case). On x86 systems, the definition of EXEBASE is very significant because in the Init.asm file, EXEBASE is used by OFFSET32 in the following line:
mov ebx, OFFSET32 PagingEnabled				
However, OFFSET32 is resolved at link time and EXEBASE is used to determine the 32-bit number. If EXEBASE is not present as a definite value when ROMIMAGE is executed, the system will malfunction. Updating EXEBASE works around this issue.

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