As of 18th January 2011, a new certificate is required to continue updating virus engines for Antigen 9 installed on Windows Server 2000

As of 18th January 2011, Microsoft will be signing anti-virus engines used by Antigen with a new certificate in order to continue to ensure secure and reliable virus engine updates. This will require a new certificate implementation on any Windows 2000 server running Antigen 9.
In order to apply the necessary certificate, please follow these instructions: 

1.) Access the following link: W2000 certificate
2.) Download the first certificate dated 26th September 2006.
3.) Run this executable on the Windows 2000 server where Antigen is installed.

Running this executable will install the certificate successfully.

* Failure to implement this certificate will result in the inability to update Antigen's anti-virus engines on Windows Server 2000.
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