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MED-V does not Redirect Configured URL’s

URL’s that should be redirected into the MED-V workspace are instead opened in Internet Explorer on the Windows 7 Host.
The MED-V Add-on for Internet Explorer is missing or disabled. The MED-V Add-on is named "Microsoft.Medv.UrlRedirectionBHO Class. "

1. If the Add-on is missing, Internet Explorer may not have been reset (closed and relaunched) after a silent installation of the MED-V Host Agent. If restarting Internet Explorer does not restore the BHO, the MED-V Host Agent should be reinstalled. 

To reinstall the MED-V Host Agent with verbose logging, the following commands can be used from a command prompt:

@echo offsetlocal
set timehour=%time:~0,2%
MED-V_HostAgent_Setup.exe /i /qn /l*vx MED-V_HostAgent_Setup-%COMPUTERNAME%-%date:~-4,4%%date:~-10,2%%date:~-7,2%-%timehour: =0%%time:~3,2%.log

2. If the add-on is disabled, enable the MED-V add-on in Internet Explorer.
If IE9 is installed on the Windows 7 Host, the end user will receive a prompts to enable urlredirectionbho Class add-on.  If the user does not enable the add-on at install time, the redirection will fail. Users will need to enable the add-on manually. 

Also, if a user goes into the Advanced Tab of IE and clicks on Reset, the MED-V add-on is automatically disabled. Once disabled, URL redirection stops working. 

Internet Explorer Add-Ons FAQ:
MEDV, MED-V, BHO, Addon, Add-ons, Redirect URL
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