Expanding an App-V 4.6 SP1 package fails with error: Failed to expand package to disk

To successfully sequence a plug-in with the 4.6 SP1 Sequencer, the package for the primary application should be expanded to the local system drive. If the package (SFT, ICO, SPRJ, OSD, etc.) is on a local drive of the Sequencer, but not the C: drive, the expansion will fail.

Using TOOLS>Expand to Local System expands the package back to the original file structure on the Q: drive. When the package to be expanded is not on the C: drive, this error occurs:

"Failed to expand package to disk - check the sequencer log for error details. Revert the machine to clean state and retry."

This is a known issue in this 4.6 SP1 release.
Revert the Sequencer and copy the package to a folder on the C:\ drive before expanding. Expanding from a UNC path share will also work.
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