How to fix the Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on and Internet Explorer 9 incompatibility

The Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on will cause Internet Explorer 9 to stop responding or crash
To resolve this incompatibility, use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Update to the latest version of Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on. 

To update to the latest version of Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on , visit the following Web site:
This update for Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on fixes the compatibility issue.

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Method 2: Disable the Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on

To disable the Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on, follow these steps: 
  1. Close all Internet Explorer windows.
  2. Open a new Internet Explorer window.
  3. When you receive the Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on incompatibility notification, click Keep it disabled or ignore the notification.

Note: Xunlei Thunder Download Manager add-on may not work correctly when the add-on is disabled.
For more information on browser add-ons, refer to these Microsoft Web sites:
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