How to Start and Stop Windows Media Services from the Command Line

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You can stop and start the Windows Media Services from the command line with the net start and net stop commands.
When you stop or start one of the Windows Media Services with the net start or net stop commands, you can either use the long or short names of the service. For example, you can use the long name, net stop "Windows Media Unicast Service" or the short name, net stop nsunicast. The short and long names for the services are as follows:
nsunicastWindows Media Unicast Service
nsstationWindows Media Station Service
nsprogramWindows Media Program Service
nsmonitorWindows Media Monitor Service
Please note that the Windows Media Program Service is dependent on the Windows Media Station service, so if you stop the Station service, you will be asked if you want to also stop the Program service. To keep from being prompted, you can add the /y parameter to the net stop command as follows:
net stop nsstation /y
When you start the Program service, the station service will automatically be started without prompting you.
netshow wms cmd

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Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.0, Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.1

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