FIX: Access ODBC driver can not insert dates prior to the year 1753

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When you insert a date prior to the year 1753 by using Microsoft Access ODBC Driver, the following error message is displayed:
[22008] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Datetime field overflow (null)
To resolve this problem, apply the hotfix that is described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
264081 FIX: Incorrect pre-1753 date values with Jet ODBC driver
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.
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Steps to Reproduce the Behavior

  1. Create a new Microsoft Access 97 or Microsoft 2000 database.
  2. Create a new Microsoft Visual C++ Win32 Console application.
  3. Copy the following code into the application:
    #include <windows.h>#include <sql.h>#include <sqlext.h>#include <tchar.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <stdio.h>void HandleError(SQLHANDLE	hHandle, SQLSMALLINT hType, RETCODE RetCode){	SQLSMALLINT	iRec = 0;	SQLINTEGER	iError;	TCHAR		szMessage[1000];	TCHAR		szState[SQL_SQLSTATE_SIZE];	if (RetCode == SQL_INVALID_HANDLE)	{		fprintf(stderr,"Invalid handle!\n");		return;	}	while (SQLGetDiagRec(hType,						 hHandle,						 ++iRec,						 (SQLCHAR *)szState,						 &iError,						 (SQLCHAR *)szMessage,						 (SQLSMALLINT)(sizeof(szMessage) / sizeof(TCHAR)),						 (SQLSMALLINT *)NULL) == SQL_SUCCESS)	{		fprintf(stderr,TEXT("[%5.5s] %s (%d)\n"),szState,szMessage,iError);	}}void main(int argc, char* argv[]){    SQLHENV henv;    SQLHDBC hdbc;    SQLHSTMT hstmt;    SQLRETURN nstatus;		SQLCHAR szConnect[1024];	SQLSMALLINT cbConnString;	//Not checking the return codes in some cases for clarity.		nstatus = SQLAllocHandle(SQL_HANDLE_ENV,NULL,&henv);	nstatus = SQLSetEnvAttr(henv,SQL_ATTR_ODBC_VERSION,(SQLPOINTER) SQL_OV_ODBC3,0);	nstatus = SQLAllocHandle(SQL_HANDLE_DBC,henv,&hdbc);	nstatus = SQLDriverConnect(hdbc,NULL,		(SQLCHAR*) "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=C:\\db1.mdb", 		SQL_NTS, szConnect, 1024, &cbConnString, SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT);			if (nstatus != SQL_SUCCESS && nstatus != SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)	{		HandleError(hdbc,SQL_HANDLE_DBC,nstatus);		return;	}	nstatus = SQLAllocHandle(SQL_HANDLE_STMT,hdbc,&hstmt);	nstatus = SQLExecDirect(hstmt,(SQLCHAR*) "CREATE TABLE DateTable (dateval datetime)",SQL_NTS);									if (nstatus != SQL_SUCCESS && nstatus != SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)	{		HandleError(hstmt,SQL_HANDLE_STMT,nstatus);		return;	}	TIMESTAMP_STRUCT dateVal;	memset(&dateVal,0,sizeof(TIMESTAMP_STRUCT));	dateVal.year = 1750;	dateVal.month = 1; = 1;	nstatus = SQLBindParameter(hstmt, 1, SQL_PARAM_INPUT, SQL_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP, SQL_TIMESTAMP,		0,0,(SQLPOINTER*) &dateVal,0,0); 	nstatus = SQLExecDirect(hstmt, (SQLCHAR*) "INSERT INTO DateTable VALUES (?)",SQL_NTS);	if (nstatus != SQL_SUCCESS && nstatus != SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)	{		HandleError(hstmt,SQL_HANDLE_STMT,nstatus);	}	nstatus = SQLExecDirect(hstmt,(SQLCHAR*) "DROP TABLE DateTable",SQL_NTS);									if (nstatus != SQL_SUCCESS && nstatus != SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)	{		HandleError(hstmt,SQL_HANDLE_STMT,nstatus);	}	nstatus = SQLFreeHandle(SQL_HANDLE_STMT, hstmt);	nstatus = SQLDisconnect(hdbc);	nstatus = SQLFreeHandle(SQL_HANDLE_DBC,hdbc);	nstatus = SQLFreeHandle(SQL_HANDLE_ENV,henv);	printf("Done");}						
  4. Change the connection string to reflect the location of your Access database.
  5. Compile and run the application. Observe errors.
datetime incorrect insert over flow 1753 1754 1800

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