After upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 users will not be able to create new SharePoint 2007 Workflows

After upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 users will not be able to create new SharePoint 2007 Workflows. SharePoint 2007 workflows refer to the out of the box Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 workflows, such as Approval and Collect Feedback.

Existing workflows will run to completion but no new instances can be started nor can any new workflow associations be established.

This happens even if the SharePoint 2007 Workflows feature is enabled.
The expectation is that after upgrading to SharePoint 2010 users will create new workflows based on the new and more robust SharePoint 2010 Workflow architecture. Currently running workflows are allowed to complete, however new workflows are disabled.
While it is prefered to use the SharePoint 2010 version of the workflows, if it is needed to enable the old SharePoint 2007 workflows take the following steps:

Enable SharePoint 2007 Workflows:
  1. Navigate to 'site actions' | 'site settings' | 'site collection administration' | 'Site collection features'
  2. Choose 'Activate' on the Sharepoint 2007 Workflows feature

Enable the workflows on existing lists they were associated with before the upgrade:
  1. Click on Site Actions | Site Settings
  2. Click on 'Site Content Types'
  3. Click on the Document content type
  4. Click on Workflow Settings
  5. Click on Remove a workflow
  6. Find the workflow to enable and set the radio button to 'Allow'

Enable the workflow templates for new workflows built off the SharePoint 2007 Workflows:
  1. Navigate to the following path: 
  2. Open the ReviewApproval.xml file
  3. Find the <AssociationCategories>none</AssociationCategoris> section
  4. Remove the "none"
  5. Save the file
  6. Repeat these steps for the ReviewFeedback.xml and Signatures.xml in the following directories: 
    DRIVE:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Template\features\ReviewWorkflows and

Associate the Workflow with a Library:
  1. Navigate to Shared Documents (or your library)
  2. Library Settings
  3. Add a workflow

In the "select templates" section, you should now see the workflows.
It is recommended that the workflows are migrated to the more robust SharePoint 2010 Workflow architecture.
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