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The following is a list of fixes and various other improvements that have been made in Service Pack 2 for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0. For more information, contact your primary support provider.

To determine which Service Pack level your SQL Server is currently running, execute the following statement from a Query Analyzer window:
SELECT @@version				
The result of the query is 7.00.623 if you are running SQL Server 7.0 with no service pack applied, 7.00.699 for SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 1, and 7.00.842 for SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2.

Please note that the workarounds described in these articles have been provided for your information only. It is not necessary to implement these workarounds if you have the updated software.

For more information about each corrected problem in Service Pack 2 for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 (build 7.00.842) and Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0, either click the link or use the Qxxxxxx number to query for the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

SQL Server service packs are cumulative. All of the problems corrected by Service Pack 1 are also corrected by Service Pack 2. For a list of those problems, refer to the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
225019 INF: SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 1 Fixlist
To download Service Pack 2, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
254561 INF: How to Obtain Service Pack 2 for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0
To view the Readme.txt file that accompanies Service Pack 2, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
254555 INF: Readme.txt for SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2

SQL Server and MSDE FixList

Bug IDLinkTitle
36489243027FIX: Numeric Column in Oracle Causes Error 7354
47131243027FIX: Numeric Column in Oracle Causes Error 7354
47769246498FIX: SP1 Query Analyzer Reports Illegal Operation and Exits on Windows 9x
53778248745FIX: DB-Library Cursors on Stored Procedures May not be Created
53836200795FIX: DBCC CHECKCATALOG May Incorrectly Report Error 2513
53838246598FIX: Columns Listed Multiple Times in GROUP BY WITH CUBE Clause Cause Access Violation
53910 248749FIX: Possible Denial of Service Attack with Appropriate NULL Bytes in TDS Header
53943214818FIX: UPDATE of Table Column with a FOREIGN KEY Constraint May Fail with Msg 8623
54077225705FIX: BCP Import with Extended Character as a Column Delimiter Fails
54083238091FIX: Creating New TCP/IP Advanced Entry Deletes Existing Advanced Entries
54274234174FIX: Db_owner Role Members Cannot Use sp_[un]bindrule and sp_[un]bindefault
54421247181FIX: SQLMaint.exe -CkDBRepair Option Does Not Work Correctly
54532294445FIX: Error Message 2731 Occurs When You Create a Table with a Column Length of Zero
54578232926FIX: Complex Query Containing Redundant Logic May Cause Access Violation
54663247870FIX: Logreader Fails when Using XCALL Syntax with Text or Image Column
54703252865FIX: Replay of Prepared Cursor Statements May Generate Error 16902
54707226109FIX: SQLServerAgent May Shut Down If SQL Server Is Started from the Console
54745226122FIX: Conn Using MP Netlib with Low Memory can Fail with AV
54796247312FIX: SQLDMO: Changing Length of a Column Within a DoAlter Does Not Work
54812247107FIX: Generating Scripts to Multiple Files May Yield Error 20524
54818252948FIX: SQLRowCount Returns -1 After Insertion of a BLOB >= 400K
54907247108FIX: Test Button Fails if DTS Transform Has No Destination Columns
54939247974FIX: Perfmon Errors Logged in Event Log when SQL Server Not Running
54956254905FIX: xp_trace_setqueryhistory not Flushed by Access Violation
54978225501FIX: SQL-DMO Operations on SQL Server 7.0 Uses More Memory
54992246775FIX: Error 7102 with Keyset-Driven Cursors on Table with Text Column
54999246565FIX: Non-Compute Query Before Compute Query Causes OSQL to Stop
55007245406FIX: Nonclustered Index Not Chosen with Varchar and LIKE Clause
55009248307FIX: Arithmetic Overflow in sp_checkdbtempsize and sp_checktable
55013226154FIX: Async Keyset Cursors and Memory Pressure May Cause AV and Server Shutdown
55014224998FIX: Incorrect Locking with a Dynamic Cursor FETCH LAST Operation and a Serializable Transaction
55031225141FIX: SELECT Statements With UNION May Cause Error 8618
55032225093FIX: Poor Performance with Inner Join with Multiple LIKE Clauses Using Variables
55150225501FIX: SQL-DMO Operations on SQL Server 7.0 Uses More Memory
55241245795FIX: Objects Created and Stored in DTS Global Variables Released Prematurely
55278229075FIX: Transfer Objects Fails if SP Preceded by Multi-line Comment
55297230268FIX: ANSI Join with DATEDIFF in the SELECT May Return Error 8624
55303246824FIX: Memory Leak May Occur When Calling Bulk Insert From a Stored Procedure
55322248988FIX: RESTORE Fails When Fewer Devices Used on RESTORE than BACKUP
55330234814FIX: Merge Agent Fails During Synchronization of Rollup Subscriber
55363247052FIX: DTS Package Creator/Owner Name Does Not Change When Another User Saves a New Package
55366234883FIX: Wrong Index Chosen When Query References Values Beyond Statistics
55374248135FIX: Merge Snapshot Fails with "Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '[Object Name>]'."
55383246646FIX: SQL Server Has Fatal Exception When Attempting to Shrink Database
55405247134FIX: Many ISNULLs Within an Expression May Cause Access Violation
55491246028FIX: "Out of Memory" Error with Bulk Insert
55507247307FIX: SQLDMO: DBFile.Shrink and LogFile.Shrink with SQLDMOShrink_EmptyFile Generates Invalid DBCC Command
55515239133FIX: Errors Running Wizards Against Objects not Owned by DBO
55537255633FIX: SET ROWCOUNT or TOP With Partitioned View May Cause Poor Performance
55554234174FIX: Db_owner Role Members Cannot Use sp_[un]bindrule and sp_[un]bindefault
55589255643FIX: Incorrect Costing Causes Other Joins to be Favored Over Loop Join
55597247500FIX: Parallel Sort May Be Slower Than Non-Parallel Sort
55618217019FIX: RAISERROR Does Not Work with SQLOLEDB Provider
55626246177FIX: Optimizer Chooses Table Scan Instead of Index Seek for Simple SELECT Involving @@identity
55630235060FIX: Distributed Query Predicate not Remoted when IDBSchemaRowset not Supported
55635243504FIX: Replication Snapshot Agent May Fail with Access Violation Error When A Long Filter Clause is Used
55636236868FIX: DMO Transfer Methods Does Not Perform Code Page Conversion
55638241717FIX: Update Statement Conflicts with Foreign Key Constraint
55656247019FIX: Access Violation When Adding CHECK Constraint w/ ESCAPE Keyword
55660238523FIX: DTS "Execute SQL Task" Terminates Prematurely Without Completing All Commands in Batch
55690246702FIX: Regression: Specific Inner Join Slower with Service Pack 1 Applied
55704234031FIX: Existing Connection Combo Box in DTS UI Displays Incorrect Connections
55725236439FIX: Memory Leak with DB-Library Connection Using TCP/IP or IPX/SPX
55726235502FIX: Disproportional Data File Filling
55738238356FIX: Use of 25 Different Tables in a Query May Raise Error 1203
55748234256FIX: sp_addtype Does Not Allow Owner Qualified Object Names
55770234268FIX: SQLDMO - .Login and .Password Properties are Ignored with .LoginSecure = FALSE
55787239883FIX: SYBASE CT-Library Clients Cannot Connect to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
55798238355FIX: SQLOLEDB Resends Prepared Commands with Client Cursors
55799234938FIX: SEM connection slow if server registered with trusted conne
55817248798FIX: Restore Filegroup Allowed after Truncating the Transaction Log
55839234861FIX: SEM May AV When Changing the Size of a Pane in Design View
55840236440FIX: sp_OAGetProperty Fails on Properties From Inherited Interface
55858229480FIX: Disabled Importing File in DTS Import CMD Dialog Box
55863235060FIX: Distributed Query Predicate not Remoted when IDBSchemaRowset not Supported
55868235007FIX: Modifying SQL 6.5 Logreader on SQL 7.0 Distributor Fails with Error "The required parameter '-PublisherDB' is missing."
55904235281FIX: Negative 0 (zero) Causes ODBC SQL Server Driver Error
55906235401FIX: 8623 Error with INSERT-SELECT when Nullable Clustered Keys not Referenced
55907246564FIX: SQL Enterprise Manager AVs on Copy of Large SQL Script from Preview
55909246607FIX: ODS Function Srv_describe May Fail on Certain Type Conversions
55911237793FIX: Using Wildcard Operator '%' with LIKE May Produce Inconsistent Row Patterns
55934247056FIX: Error 8630 When Querying A View Created with a UNION Clause
55938248604FIX: SELECT with Subquery Containing BETWEEN Clause is Slow When Starting Range is the Minimum Value
55964239883FIX: SYBASE CT-Library Clients Cannot Connect to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
56005241658FIX: REPL: "Too Many Arguments Were Supplied" Error When Inserting a Row
56007248062FIX: Distributed Query with Oracle Cannot Work with Table Exported by DTS
56011236068FIX: Null Parameter for DTS Lookup Causes MMC to Exit
56013236955FIX: Lock Conversion Processing Does Not Properly Wakeup Lock Waiter
56034246191FIX: INSERT SELECT with a HAVING Clause and SUBSELECT Causes AV
56052243502FIX: Phantom Inserts with SELECT...ORDER BY DESC
56055236424FIX: Stack Overflow Running CHECKDB Against DB With Many Objects
56059238547FIX: Update on View-based Cursor Fails to Modify Row if View Contains a Join
56064239015FIX: Non-convergence Problem with Merge Replication
56068239766FIX: DTC Transaction IDs and Isolation Levels Not Captured
56069244549FIX: SELECT Query Involving Bit Datatype Slower on SQL 7.0 than SQL 6.5
56070248688FIX: Keyset, Dynamic and Forward Only Cursor Queries May not Get Auto-Parameterized
56082FIX: Full-Text Search Support for TOP via CONTAINSTABLE and FREETEXTTABLE Clauses
56084239766FIX: DTC Transaction IDs and Isolation Levels Not Captured
56085244548FIX: SQL 7.0 Slower than SQL 6.5 on Multiple Left Outer Join
56102239475FIX: sp_execute Results in Handled AV After Error 2627
56117249119FIX: SQL Server May Stop Without Any Information by BULK INSERT
56121248156FIX: Incorrect Error Trace Information for Query Interface Failure
56124251077FIX: SEM Slow Opening the Database Properties Dialog Box
56128238206FIX: Password Dangling and Decrypted When Changing Security Mode For Replication
56131237703FIX: Permissions Not Changed Correctly Using SQL Enterprise Manager
56147239133FIX: Errors Running Wizards Against Objects not Owned by DBO
56148238455FIX: BCP IN with 4GB or Larger File Fails with Unexpected EOF
56161246588FIX: DBO not Able to Alter Database Using Enterprise Manager
56166245662FIX: Access Violation When Using Generate SQL Scripts Option in SQL Server Enterprise Manager
56167238238FIX: ODS API srv_revert_to_self Does Not Revert Multi-Protocol Connections
56173248442FIX: Error 515 with Concatenated NULLs in WHERE Clause and ORDER BY
56174246323FIX: Check Constraint Is Not Enforced if Marked "Not for Replication"
56208238658FIX: Distribution Agent Fails with 'Incorrect Syntax' for Updating Subscribers
56218238637FIX: Update on View Based Cursor to Multiple Rows in Fetch Buffer Fails with 1203 Msg.
56222243302FIX: Deletion May Inappropriately Fill the Transaction Log
56233240798FIX: Insert from Linked-Server Into Table with BIT Field Having a DEFAULT Constraint Causes AV
56239247208FIX: Custom SP Resovler Does Not Log Merge Conflict Correctly
56275252372FIX: Join Filters with Dynamic Filters May Lead to Non-convergence Problem
56282247313FIX: SEM 7.0 Login Failed Message When Editing or Running DTS Package
56339240194FIX: Conflict Viewer Shows Incorrect Format for Datetime Column
56340240192FIX: Unresolved Merge Conflicts With Constraints And Triggers
56355247891FIX: Event Log and DTS Error File does not Show DTS Error Detail
56362251229FIX: GetExecutionErrorInfo and OnError Event May Not Return All Errors
56363251229FIX: GetExecutionErrorInfo and OnError Event May Not Return All Errors
56367246229FIX: Access Violation in kill_proc During Per Server Licensing Cleanup May Cause Server Hang
56375245631FIX: Error Message "8624 - Internal SQL Server Error"
56394244273FIX: Changing the Number of Columns in a DTS File Connection May Cause Error
56396254806FIX: QUERY Statement Causes 512 Error When You Access a View
56397246226FIX: Heap Memory Corruption and AV in kill_proc May Occur when Using Per Server Licensing
56413242047FIX: Using Srv_paramsetoutput to Set an Output Parameter to NULL Fails
56423244446FIX: SQL 7.0 Slower than SQL 6.5 on UNIONed Left Outer Join and View
56433252375FIX: Pull Subscribers Unsynchronized if Reinitialized from Subscriber Causing Distribution Failures
56435248420FIX: DTS Designer Fails with Unspecified Error When Adding Table to DTS Query Designer Window
56457246189FIX: Execution of IS_MEMBER May Cause AV When Many Roles Exist
56460241678FIX: Replication Merge JOIN Filters May not be Completely Evaluated when a Filtered Table is Modified
56481243292FIX: Creating a Table in Enterprise Manager When Using a Domain Account May Cause Server AV
56495246893FIX: Subquery in IN Clause with DISTINCT and JOINs May Cause Access Violation
56506243302FIX: Deletion May Inappropriately Fill the Transaction Log
56510246571FIX: Access Violation When Loading 5 MB SQL File in Execute SQL Task on Win 9x
56516243211FIX: Poor Performance with In Clause Using Multiple Correlated Subqueries Unioned Together
56519246201FIX: Subquery with ORDER BY may Return Results in Wrong Order
56522243377FIX: Merge System Tables not Dropped When Restoring Merge-Published DB Over Non-published DB Across Servers
56535245833FIX: Immediate Updating Subscriber May Fail If a Text Column Comes Before Primary Key
56536246139FIX: BCP Into a TEXT Column May Cause SQL Server to Stop Executing
56539244934FIX: Killing Running Query May Result in a SPID in Constant ROLLBACK State and AV
56540244962FIX: Calling a Stored Procedure with Text/Image Parameters using ADO May Cause an Access Violation
56542244538FIX: Upgrade Wizard Fails with "Backup 6.x Devices - phase II" Error if Using Tape
56552247125FIX: Optimizer May Choose Inefficient Query Plan When Using NOT LIKE with an Empty String
56580247191FIX: SQL Server 7.0 Slower than SQL Server 6.5 on Join with View Containing CASE and Subquery
56582247492FIX: Primary Key Can Be Dropped if Table is Published
56599243741FIX: Replication Initialize Method Causes Handle Leak on Failure
56633243664FIX: Secondary SPIDs Enlisted in DTC Transaction do not Obtain DTC Isolation Level
56658246031FIX: Queries Using Linked Servers May Cause AV and CPU Spin
56660244943FIX: Security Information Not Persistent for the Connection Object in a DTS Package
56672246815FIX: Sqlmaint.exe is Not Included in MSDE Installation
56738246678FIX: Creating a New Database User from Enterprise Manager May Fail with Error 16916
56745246646FIX: Fatal Exception When Attempting to Shrink Database
56746246646FIX: Fatal Exception When Attempting to Shrink Database
56747248624FIX: Creating Publication Fails if Table Has Long Column Name
56751248492FIX: SQL Server Does Not Properly Inform the DTC of Aborted Transactions
56762247673FIX: Data Column Host Process ID does not Show PID of Process Being Traced in Profiler
56775246474FIX: Optimizer Chooses Inefficient Clustered Index on Query with Date Range Condition
56821252905FIX: Slow Compile Time on Complex Joins with Unfiltered Table
56830248623FIX: No Mechanism for Cleaning Up Merge System Tables
56866246612FIX: Malformed RPC TDS Packet Causes Various AVs
56868247235FIX: Sp_Change_Users_Login with Auto_Fix Fails When Run with Local Cursor Database Option Set
56969258226FIX: DBCS Space Is Not Treated Correctly
57007251094FIX: Sampling Inconsistency Results in Access Violation or Slow-Running Queries
57097250994FIX: Update Generation Markers After Applying the MSmerge_genhistory.bcp
57098248434FIX: Non-Conflicting Column Updates May Cause Erroneous Metadata Mismatch Conflicts
57166251190FIX: Performance Impact of Remote SPs Not Returning Result Sets
57173262446FIX: Error Message "Permission Denied" When You Update A View
57204250345FIX: Prefetching of Rows by Bookmark Lookup May Not Release Locks in Read Committed Isolation
57428260254FIX: Rollback of Transactions Named as Empty String Cause Access Violations
57634256052FIX: Sqlservr.exe Non-Trusted Connection Through OPENROWSET Allows Access to Service Account
57854259956FIX: Text Field Data Truncated When Double Byte Character Spans Page Break

OLAP Services Fixlist

Bug IDLinkTitle
629241356FIX: FIX: "Invalid Pointer" Error When Creating Calculated Member in a Local Cube
1325249158FIX: Foodmart Directory Created in Root Folder of Install Drive
1356248615FIX: Dimension Wizard Calculates Years Incorrectly On Time Dimen
1378248619FIX: Dimension Wizard Does Not Allow Creating Time Dimension Hie
1496253496FIX: Processing OLAP Partitions in Parallel May Result in Errors
1505249210FIX: Cancellation DTS OLAP Processing Task May Result in Error
1539234660FIX: OLAP: "Object Does not exist" Error Processing Multi-Hierarchy Dimension
1544236315FIX: Users Cannot Access OLAP Cube from Clients After Installing SP1
2026236315FIX: Users Cannot Access OLAP Cube from Clients After Installing SP1
2340239889FIX: VBDSOWriteEnableCube: Debug Assertion Caused by a Data Type Not Addressed in the Sample Code
2361248836FIX: Incremental Update of Dimension Tables May Cause 206 Error
3644249698FIX: OLAP Addins: Archive Fails With more than 2GB of data
3698243093FIX: Using an IP Address for OLAP Data Source Connection Property Causes Error
3792256129FIX: OLAP Server Out of Memory Error Occurs When You Perform Incremental Processing of Dimensions
3809244263INF: How Sorting Works in OLAP Services
3823243545FIX: Incorrect Error Messages from DTS Addin While Processing Cube/Dimension
4413246015FIX: DTS OLAP Processing Task Fails if Package Stored in Repository
4472241088FIX: Registry Permission Difference When You Install OLAP Services on Windows 2000
4483248612FIX: Date Fields Display Incorrectly When Time Dimension is Based on Fact Table
4524255087FIX: No Error When You Open OLAP Manager If User Account
4525241088FIX: Registry Permission Difference When You Install OLAP Services on Windows 2000
4546255135FIX: Copy/Paste Cubes Fail Without Any Error Messages
sp sp2 fix list

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