Internet Explorer 9 - Show the menu bar and disable the Skype toolbar

I have two problems when using Windows Internet Explorer 9. On the one hand, the menu bar disappears again and again, on the other hand, telephone numbers are visually highlighted on webpages.
Note: Now you can download and install Internet Explorer 9 for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Download and install.

To show the menu bar temporarily or permanently

The Internet Explorer 9 is designed so that as much space for the display of Web content is available. For this reason, the menu bar is hidden by default. But of course you can show the menu bar for a short time or permanently if necessary.
  1. To show the menu bar for a short time, simply press [ALT] on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also press[F10].

  2. To always show the menu bar, right-click anywhere above the address bar, and then click Menu bar.

Skype add-on: Telephone numbers are highlighted on webpages

If you use the Internet phone service Skype on your PC and install the related browser add-ons for Internet Explorer, telephone numbers are highlighted on webpages. These numbers are then automatically linked to Skype functionality.

If you do not want that, you can disable the Skype toolbar or completely uninstall the Skype extensions for the browser. Still, you can use Skype itself - even without the browser toolbar.

Disable the Skype toolbar

If you disable the toolbar, the Skype functionality in Internet Explorer 9 is temporarily turned off. You can re-enable the toolbar if necessary at any time.
  1. On the small Skype list icon at the right of the menu bar, you can turn Highlight numbers on or off. You must then press [F5] to refresh the page.

    If you want to disable the feature entirely, right-click the Skype list icon.

  2. Click Skype toolbar for Internet Explorer.

  3. In the following dialog box, select the add-ons that you want to disable, and then click  Disable.

  4. Press [F5] to refresh the page. The phone number highlighting disappears.

Tip Additionally, you can disable the Skype browser extensions by using the Internet Explorer 9 Manage Add-Ons function. There, look for the entry of Sky Technologies SA in toolbars and extensions, mark the appropriate sub-items, and then disable them.

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