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A CD key is requested when you start Word after installing Microsoft Office 2000

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After you install Microsoft Office 2000, if you attempt to start Microsoft Word 2000, the program requests that you type a CD key. When you type the Office 2000 CD key that is located on the Office 2000 CD-ROM case, you receive a message that the CD key is incorrect.
This problem can occur when the following conditions are both true:
  • You are using a new computer that has the Microsoft Works 2000 Suite preinstalled.

  • You did not start Word 2000 (preinstalled by the Works 2000 Suite) before you installed Office 2000.
NOTE: See the "More Information" section of this article for a more detailed explanation of this problem.
Use one of the following methods to resolve this problem.

Method 1: Type the CD Key That Is Provided with Works 2000 Suite

When you are asked to type the CD key for Word, type the CD key for the Works 2000 Suite, as provided by your computer manufacturer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If Works Suite 2000 was preinstalled when you purchased your computer, and you lost the CD key, you must call your equipment manufacturer for a new CD key for Works Suite 2000.

For information about how to contact your equipment manufacturer, visit the following Microsoft Web site: If Works Suite 2000 was not preinstalled, and you lost your CD key, please call Works Suite 2000 support for a new CD key. For more information about your support options with Microsoft, please see the "Microsoft Support Options" section of this article.

Method 2: Remove Word and Then Repair Office

Remove the standalone installation of Word 2000, and then repair the installation of Office. To do this, follow these steps.

To remove Word 2000:
  1. Quit all Windows programs.
  2. Click Start menu, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Add/Remove Applications.
  4. In the list of installed programs, select Microsoft Word 2000, and then click Add/Remove.
  5. Follow the instructions to remove (uninstall) Microsoft Word 2000.
To repair your installation of Office 2000:
  1. Quit all Windows programs.
  2. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  3. In the list of installed programs, select Microsoft Office 2000, and then click Add/Remove.
  4. In the Office Maintenance Mode dialog box, click Repair Office.
  5. In the Reinstall or Repair Microsoft Office 2000 dialog box, select Repair errors in my Office installation, select the Restore my shortcuts check box, and then click Finish.
More information
Many computer manufacturers preinstall software on new computers. If Microsoft Works 2000 Suite is preinstalled on your computer, you must type the CD key before you start each program for the first time.

In this case, because Word 2000 was preinstalled by the Works 2000 Suite, when you start Word, you are prompted for a CD key. You must type the CD key that was provided by your computer manufacturer for the preinstalled Works 2000 Suite.

NOTE: When you install Office 2000, Setup detects that Word 2000 is already installed on your computer (preinstalled by Works 2000 Suite) and does not install it a second time.

During the installation of Office 2000, you are required to type the CD key that is located on the back of the Office 2000 CD case. This CD key is not the same as the Works 2000 Suite CD key.

About Works 2000

The Works 2000 Suite is an integrated package of programs. Word 2000 replaces the Works word processor in the Works 2000 Suite. Additionally, the Works 2000 Suite adds functionality to Word 2000.

For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
241758 WD2000: Works 2000 Adds Functionality to Word 2000

Microsoft Support Options

If you cannot resolve this issue, several support options are available to assist you.

Quickly Find Answers Yourself Online

Use Microsoft Online Support to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other technical resources for fast, accurate answers. You can also customize the site to control your search.

To begin your search, browse to the following Web site:

Microsoft Product Support

Contact a Microsoft Product Support professional to assist you with troubleshooting problems.

For more information about obtaining help with troubleshooting Microsoft Windows, click Help Topics on the Help menu in Windows Explorer. On the Contents tab, double-click to open the Troubleshooting book. Then double-click to open the Contact Microsoft Technical Support book to view your support options.

For more information about obtaining help with troubleshooting Microsoft Works, click About Microsoft works on the Help menu, and then click Tech Support.

Microsoft Solution Providers

Microsoft Solution Providers are independent organizations that have teamed with Microsoft to use technology to solve business problems for companies of all sizes and industries.

To locate a Microsoft Solution Provider in your area in the U.S. and Canada, call the Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 426-9400. If you are outside the United States, contact your local subsidiary. To locate your subsidiary, see the Microsoft World Wide Offices Web site at:
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