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Event 4999 is generated when clients try to connect using Exchange Web Services

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Some clients that connect using Exchange Web Services may be unable to connect to Exchange. When the issue occurs, the following event is generated in the application log of the Client Access Server:

Source: MSExchange Common
Category: General
Event ID: 4999
Watson report about to be sent to dw20.exe for process id: xxxx, with parameters: E12IIS, c-RTL-AMD64, 08.02.0176.002, WS, M.E.Services, M.E.S.C.PerfCounterReader.FindCountersForProcess, System.FormatException, fe65, 08.02.0254.000. ErrorReportingEnabled: False.
This issue has been known to occur when Performance counters on the Exchange server become corrupted.
Rebuild the Windows Performance Counter Library values on the Client Access Server(s).

WARNING:  When rebuilding the Windows Performance Library values you may wipe the Exchange Server 2007 counters and these need to be rebuilt as well.  If any third party software is installed on the server, and that software uses its own performance counters, you may need to contact the software vendor for assistance in rebuilding the counters.

Use the following steps to resolve the issue for Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 (Windows 2008 R2 is not included):

1. Launch the Windows Command Prompt (cmd), ensure that you run the Command Prompt as the Administrator. For example, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right click Command Prompt and click Run As Administrator.

2. Change Directory to <root drive>\Windows\System32, the root drive is typically C:.  Run the following command

lodctr /R

This will restore the base or core counters

3. Check the registry value under HKLM/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Perflib/009 and ensure that the value Counter is no longer corrupted.

4. In the Command Prompt window, run the following command:

wmiadap /f

This will force the reload of all counters in to the WMI repository.

5. Open Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe) and click the green + to Add, this will open Add Counters. Verify that the MSExchange counters exist and have Instances populated.

6. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Server computer.

NOTE: This step is required.
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