SBS 2011 Essentials | Standard users are unable to access RWA after migration

Migrated users from source server are not able to login to RWA even though they have been given access from Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Dashboard.

The user gets the following error:

Remote Web Access is not allowed for your user account. Contact the person who manages your server.


If you examine the remoteaccess.log that is located in "c:\programdata\microsoft\windows server\logs\webapps", you will see the following information: 

 [35776] 110701.164901.5127: RemoteAccess: [HSBSRoleProvider] Calling GetRolesForUser for user CONTOSO\test
[35776] 110701.164901.5596: IDENTITY: <Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Users.Internal.IUserBackend.GetUserFromProvider>b_1b start
[35776] 110701.164901.5596: IDENTITY: <Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Users.Internal.IUserBackend.GetUserFromProvider>b_1b finish
[35776] 110701.164901.5596: RemoteAccess: [HSBSRoleProvider] Groups:Domain Users
[35776] 110701.164901.5596: RemoteAccess: [HSBSRoleProvider] GetRolesForUser took 42 milliseconds
[35776] 110701.164901.5596: RemoteAccess: [Identity] User validate passed but not permitted to enters


The Authenticated Users group is not a member of the Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access group.
  Use the following steps to resolve the issue:
  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. Expand the folder named Builtin
  3. Open the properties of the security group named Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access
  4. Click on the Members tab
  5. Add the group Authenticated Users
  6. Click on OK.
  7. Check to see if the user can login to RWA
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