Internet Explorer launch may be delayed when using SoftAP on Windows 7

If you launch Internet Explorer immediately after SoftAP is enabled and Automatically Detect Settings option is enabled in Internet Explorer (default option), you may experience a delay before the home page loads and Internet Explorer becomes responsive.
This issue can occur if DHCP doesn't get properly disabled on the SoftAP interface, resulting in a delay as a DHCP address is queried by the interface.
To avoid this issue, perform one of the following actions:

  • Disable WPAD proxy configuration in Internet Explorer by opening Internet Options, clicking the Connections tab, clicking the LAN Settings button, and clearing the Automatically Detect Settings check box.
  • Manually disable DHCP on the SoftAP interface using as a reference.

To identify the GUID for the SoftAP adapter you will use in the second option, you can use WMI via wbemtest.exe:

  1. Click Start, Run (if the Run option isn't visible, you can use the shortcut of Windows Key + R), wbemtest
  2. Click Connect
  3. Click Connect
  4. Click Query
  5. select GUID from Win32_NetworkAdapter where NetConnectionID='adapter name' where 'adapter name' is the SoftAP adapter (commonly Wireless Network Connection 2)
  6. Click Apply
  7. Double-click the result that appears and scroll down until you see the GUID of the interface

SoftAP, Virtual Wi-Fi, WPAD, DHCP
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