Contents Are Lost Saving Management Agent Scripts or Templates

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When you are saving management agent (MA) templates or scripts, or the advanced attribute flow, the contents of the templates are lost when you click OK. When you later view the templates, they are blank.
All the MA templates and scripts are stored as directory attributes. By default, these attributes have a storage type of Normal. The current size limit for normal storage is 20 KB; if you exceed the 20-KB attribute limit, the contents of the attribute are lost.
To work around this behavior, change the storage type from Normal to Large Object:
  1. Determine the name of the attribute by pressing and holding down the CTRL key while you right-click the item.
  2. Using Compass, search for the attribute in the directory.
  3. Double-click the attribute to view its properties.
  4. Click the Storage tab.
  5. Click Large Object, and then click OK.
The storage type defines how the attribute's value is stored in the directory database. There are several attribute storage types:
  • Normal: A field up to 20 KB is stored "as is."
  • Large Object: Attribute values larger than 20 KB in size (file-based attributes) that are stored in the directory database.
  • Transient File: Attribute values contained in external files (log files, for example) that are therefore "transient." You must use this with a file control attribute.
  • File Control: An attribute value containing the path to a transient file. If you use this storage type, you must also specify the associated transient file attribute.
  • Translation: ASN.1 translation.
  • Variable Size: An attribute value that can be under or over 20 KB in size; its storage method changes, depending on its size.
  • Virtual: An attribute with no stored value; its value is created dynamically by a plug-in when the attribute is accessed.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.
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