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A user or an administrator forgot his or her password in Office 365, Azure, or Intune

A user or admin forgot his or her password and can’t sign in to Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or Microsoft Intune.
To fix this issue, do one of the following:
  • Try to reset your own password by using the Self-Service Password Reset wizard:If the admin turned on the capability to let you to reset your own password, you will be able to reset your own password. Otherwise, the password reset form gives you the option to contact your admin.
  • If you're an admin and you want to enable password reset for your users, see Self-service password reset for users.
  • If you're an admin, you can try to reset your own password if you had already set up an alternate email address and a mobile phone number.
  • If you're an admin and your company has more than one admin, ask another admin to reset your password.
  • You can use the Self-Service Password Reset wizard to contact Support when self-service password reset fails. You may need to wait a few seconds before the link to contact Support appears.
  • When you submit your request to Support, include your name, telephone number and email address so that Support knows how to contact you.
For more info about how to reset a user's password, see Reset a user's password.

Still need help? Go to the Office 365 Community website or the Azure Active Directory Forums website.

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