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List of bugs fixed in Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 4

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This article contains a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base article numbers for bugs that are fixed in Visual Studio version 6.0 Service Pack 4.

Service packs are cumulative. This means that the bugs fixed in a service pack are also fixed in subsequent service packs. Click the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the article to view the article about that bug.

Visual Studio Service Pack 4 is available on from the following Microsoft Web site:

Visual Basic

183979 FIX: Visual Basic UserControls within UserControls do not print in Internet Explorer
224181 FIX: GDI resource leak using checkboxes in ListView control
224185 FIX: User defined type in public function of a user control fails to run
232194 FIX: ITC OpenUrl method does not return complete files
234317 FIX: HTML page truncated with Visual Studio SP3 WebClass run time when running in the VB IDE
234771 FIX: Error 800a2328 returned when browsing a Visual Basic 6.0 WebClass (IIS application)
237175 FIX: VB IDE Improperly Changes Registry Entries of ATL Object Interface When Generating OCA File
238672 FIX: Mouse Hook Not Called When Used in User Controls
239943 FIX: UserControls with Menus Cause Resource Leak
240927 FIX: Cannot Read Source File Error Running PDW Distribution
245124 FIX: VB6SP4 - Access Violation in Remote Automation Manager (Autmgr32.exe)
245159 FIX: Winsock Control SendData Only Works Over the Latest Connection
246233 FIX: Selecting a Nested UserControl DataSource Property May Cause Crash
246919 FIX: Visual Basic Crashes on Code Generated by ActiveX Control Interface Wizard
248416 FIX: Wrong TreeView Node Selected When SingleSel Property = True
248418 FIX: Unable to Develop IIS Applications (WebClasses) on Windows 2000
249607 FIX: Visual Basic 6.0 UserControl in Excel Does Not Print or Display in Print Preview
253555 FIX: Error Message 'Report Width Is Larger Than the Paper Width' on Exporting Data Report
242483 FIX: Error 486 or 482 Occurs When Using PrintForm
254166 BUG: Distribution of Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library Fails
257421 FIX: Compiling ActiveX Project Does Not Release Reference Correctly
257495 FIX: ListView Executes the ItemClick Event Twice with LabelEdit Set to Manual
257496 FIX: Optimized Code Incorrectly Compares Floating Point Numbers
257501 FIX: Error Message When Exporting Data Report to HTML File
257516 FIX: Button Removed from Toolbar Cannot Be Added Back
257523 FIX: Resource Leak Occurs When You Display WMF Files in a PictureBox
257524 FIX: Adding Items to ListView Control Results in IPF on Win9x
257529 FIX: MonthView's Year is Changed When Setting DayofWeek Property
257530 FIX: Images Replicated When Customizing a Toolbar
257531 FIX: Wrong Large Currency Values Returned from Late Bound Object
257543 FIX: MouseDown Event Fires Unexpectedly on Modal Form
257550 FIX: An Invalid Page Fault Error Occurs When You Use a DataReport
257572 FIX: Error Message 'Missing Dependency Information' for Mshtml.tlb When Using PDW
257630 FIX: Exception Error Closing an Application Containing a CoolBar Control
257635 FIX: DataGrid Loses Focus After You Cancel AddNew
257641 FIX: DataSource Drop-Down List Box Loads Slowly in Large Projects
257645 FIX: Setting Windowless Control to Transparent Prevents Animation
257657 FIX: Edit/Update Fails for SQL 7.0 for Column of Type Text When CursorDriver Is Set to rdUseODBC
257660 FIX: Setting Printer Object Reference to Nothing Causes IPF
257661 FIX: Double-Click Event of a Form May Fire the SSTab's GotFocus and Click Events
257664 FIX: Object in a DLL on a Non-UI Thread Disables Modeless Forms in UI Thread
257686 FIX: Double-Clicking ListBox Control Causes Invalid Page Fault
257691 FIX: Dynamically Loaded UserControl Does Not Send Edits in Data-Bound Textboxes to Data Source
257692 FIX: Resource Leak if Control's IMEMode Is Greater Than 0 (International Versions)
257695 FIX: Invalid Page Fault When Using Data Environment Designer
257703 FIX: ListView Control Still Active After Opening Modal Form
257707 FIX: Recordset Not Updated After Invoking the Move Method
257710 FIX: PointSelected of MSChart May Return Wrong DataPoint Value
257712 FIX: DBCS Characters Cause Duplicate Column Name When Using Jet 4
257714 FIX: ADO DataControl and DataEnvironment Events Only Work with ADO 2.0
257728 FIX: Client Winsock Control Never Connects to Server Control on Same Form
257730 FIX: PrintForm Method of a Form Containing a UserControl Causes IPF
257741 FIX: UserControl Validate Event Hangs the VB IDE
257777 FIX: Printer.Height May Eject the Wrong Amount of Paper with Some Dot Matrix Printers
257779 FIX: Printer Dialog of DataReport PrintReport Method Always Shows Portrait
257780 FIX: Unrecognized Database Format Error with Data Control or Data Form Wizard
257782 FIX: Visual Basic IDE Crashes Changing Control's Name in Properties Window
257783 FIX: Function Returning Double Followed by Numeric Label Causes Crash
257784 FIX: ARROW Key Does Not Work on Cells that Contain Double-Byte Chars on Japanese Windows
257786 FIX: IPF in Msvbvm60.dll When Showing a Data Report After a Modal Form
257787 FIX: Program with UserControl Causes Access Violation When Exiting
257788 FIX: Navigating DataGrid Using Row Selector Fails to Submit Updates
257789 FIX: Data Source Is Not Updated When PropertyChanged Is Called
257792 FIX: TreeView NodeClick Events May Fire Despite Cancel = True
260098 FIX: Cannot Set the ComboBox Text in the Click Event in Visual Basic 6.0
257778 BUG: Closing Two MDI Child Forms Rapidly Results in an Invalid Page Fault
257732 BUG: VB6SP4 - GDI Resource Leak When UserControl's MaskPicture Is Set to An Icon
257772 BUG: Updates to Textbox Bound to Remote Data Control Fail with rdUseClientBatch
257658 BUG: RDO BatchCollisionCount is Incorrect after BatchUpdate to SQL Server 7 Database
248837 Access Violation in VBA6.DLL During Compilation When Using SP3 Version of VBA6.DLL

Visual C++

167359 FIX: extern Declaration Generates Extra Constructor Call
231655 FIX: VC++ Stops Responding Opening Files or Adding Files to Projects
231872 FIX: Using #import May Cause Memory Leaks
234511 FIX: BUG: Visual C++ 6.0 Compiler Does Not Remove Some Unneeded Instruction
234602 FIX: /Og Generates Bad Code for a Compare/Branch
235434 FIX: 'Attach to Process' List Is Empty
243599 FIX: VC Debugger Fails on Some Long Names
248477 FIX: Deadlock Using STL Map or Set In Multithreaded Application
251362 FIX: Suspend and Resume Thread Hangs Visual C++ Debugger
229889 QuickView Command Is Missing from Windows 2000
256056 FIX: DllMain Throws Unhandled Exception with DLL_THREAD_DETACH
256158 FIX: Text May Appear Truncated in MFC Applications Localized for Japanese Windows 2000
256329 FIX: Opening a CFileDialog from Handler of a Custom CFileDialog Causes Access Violation
259723 FIX: Debugger Fails on Fast Dual Processors
259726 FIX: Debugger Encounters Invisible Breakpoints in Assembly Code
259746 FIX: C1001 Compiler Error When Virtual Function Used as a Parameter
260172 FIX: MFC ISAPI Parse Functions Fail Under Stress on Multiple-CPU Computers
262515 FIX: /GT Compiler Switch May Cause Access Violation (AV) During Thread Switches
262698 FIX: Visual C++ 6.0 Debugger Stops Responding on Multiprocessor Computers
201641 FIX: Euro Symbol in ODL/IDL File Causes Visual C++ IDE to Stop Responding

Visual FoxPro

217174 FIX: APPEND FROM TYPE XL8 Makes VFP 6 Disappear
221745 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Using GETPEM() in Loop with Debugger
238945 FIX: Repeatedly Manipulating Data in Editbox Causes Error Message
250059 FIX: Accessing Printer Drivers After Issuing SYS(1037) Might Cause Error
258428 FIX: Printer Name Longer than 64 Characters Causes Error
258530 FIX: Multiple References to File Object of Project Causes OLE Error
258532 FIX: Random Characters in Report Do Not Print Under Localized Windows
258533 FIX: Cannot Resize Grid Column Widths Under Localized Windows
258536 FIX: UP ARROW Key Not Working in Code Editor Under Hebrew Windows
258537 FIX: Config.fpw Setting for Terminal Server Environment
258736 FIX: Multi-Threaded DLL Is Slow to Release Connection Under MTS
258737 FIX: DataSession Property Cannot Be Set in Session Subclass
262789 INFO: New SYS(2800) Function Improves Magnifier Accessibility Tool
262878 FIX: Fatal Exception with Large Number of Variables or Objects

Visual InterDev

259485 FIX: Devenv.exe Application Error (0x67bbfbdf) Occurs When You Are Using Visual InterDev 6.0
243809 BUG: Recordset DTC Does Not Recognize Data Connection; Connection Information Appears in Red
261150 FIX: Visual InterDev Incorrectly Determines Web Server Version
261152 FIX: Visual InterDev Returns Generic 'Unable to Contact Web Server' Error
261153 INFO: Can't Create/Modify SQL Server 2000 Table, View, Diagram
262601 FIX: Menu Does Not Appear When You Right-Click in the Query Builder

Visual SourceSafe

230702 FIX: Errors When Renaming or Deleting a Project in Visual SourceSafe
236810 FIX: Command Line GET Fails with 'Unable to finish writing file' Error
237184 FIX: Branching from Label Causes Error 'You do not have access rights to $/'
244960 FIX: Analyze and DDUPD Return 'Out of Memory'
244961 FIX: Analyze.exe -f Replaces Project Data Files with a 0 Byte File
248760 FIX: Project Log 'Physical Filename' has a Share (From Another Project)
259902 FIX: Installation of Service Pack 4 Does Not Update Readmess.htm with Latest Version
259915 FIX: Analyze.exe Corrupts MBCS File Names When First 8 Bytes Are Same Text

Visual Studio

260049 FIX: Database Problems with Nulls and Data Type Precision
260092 FIX: If You Create a Table With Query Analyzer from Visual InterDev then the SQL Enterprise Manager Inserts the Incorrect Decimal (9, 0) Values
260095 FIX: Table Created in Visual Studio Is Not Owned by the DBO Who Created It
260128 FIX: SP4 JPN: Several Files are in English Instead of Japanese
250334 PRB: MSDN Library Unable to Display Help from Within Visual Studio Programs
260030 FIX: Visual Studio Service Pack 3 Does Not Update Hhcrtl.ocx and Itss.dll
260032 FIX: Incorrect Versions of VFP6.exe and VB6.exe in Visual Studio 6
260051 FIX: Compatibility Problems with the Redistribution Files in the Oleaut32.dll File
260085 DOC: The Japanese Translated Version of Visual Studio Service Pack 3 Readme Contains Errors
260086 FIX: DataTools: Resource ID #1634 'Where' Is Mistakenly Translated into Japanese
260094 FIX: The Schema Designer Does Not Support the Precision of DECIMAL and NUMERIC Data-Types that are More than 29 Places
260104 The Willamette Processor Name Has Changed
260140 FIX: The Msdis110.dll File Is Not Updated by the Installation of Windows NT 4 Service Pack 4
262768 FIX: SQL Enterprise Manager Causes Access Violations When You Resize the Grid in the Design View
262909 FIX: FIX: Query Design Table Is Cut Off in Korean Windows 2000
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