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PRO Tips alerts in Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manger 2008 R2 may display and then be automatically removed

PRO Tips alerts in Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manger 2008 R2 (SCVMM 2008 R2) may display in the SCVMM PRO Tips Alerts Window and then automatically be removed from the list of active alerts.

This behavior occurs when there is no auto-remediation step for a warning or alert that is generated by the System Center Operations Manger 2007 R2 Pro Tips management packs for SCVMM.  Auto-remediation is enabled on the Host Group under settings\PRO\Automatically implement PRO tips on this Host Group.

For example, a virtual machine may display a high CPU or high memory usage warning (PRO CPU Utilization or PRO Memory Utilization).  Since the management pack does not have an automatic implementation step for individual virtual machines (as opposed to a host, for instance), the alert is automatically removed for the active PRO Tips window when SCVMM evaluates the status of the PRO Tip item.

Unchecking Automatically implement PRO tips on this Host Group or implementing a custom override that contains a remediation action would cause the error or warning to be displayed until the corrective action occurred or was acknowledged in the OpsMgr console.  The warnings and errors will, however, be displayed in the Operations Manager (OpsMgr) console like any other Management Pack (MP) alert.
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This behavior is by design.
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