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How to update Office for Mac 2008 on Mac OS X Lion

You are prompted to download and install Microsoft AutoUpdate when the following conditions are true:
  1. You install Office for Mac 2008 from the original DVD installation media.
  2. You are running Mac OS X Lion.
The request provides a link to the Office for Mac updates website to install the latest version of Microsoft AutoUpdate instead of updating it automatically.
The older version of Microsoft AutoUpdate that was included in the Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 installation DVD is incompatible with Mac OS X Lion. Because of the compatibility issue, Microsoft AutoUpdate will not install and will, instead, prompt you to download the latest version from a Microsoft website.
Click the link provided in the request window or download and install the latest version of Microsoft AutoUpdate from this Microsoft website:

The information that is provided in this article only applies if you have Microsoft AutoUpdate 2.1 or earlier on the computer.

If you have version 2.1.1 or later versions, the typical auto update experience will occur and manual steps are not required.
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