Running Software Inventory on Encrypted Volume Temporarily Degrades System Performance

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When a disk volume or folder is encrypted and contains a substantial amount of data, disk I/O may be excessive while the Software Inventory process reads the file information.

While the Software Inventory process is running, the disk subsystem is very busy, which may cause other application tasks to be delayed. On a workstation with large amounts of encrypted data, the computer will appear sluggish or unresponsive to the user for an extended period of time. On a server with large volumes of data, this behavior could result in noticeable performance degradation.
The Software Inventory process reads header information from each file that is inventoried. When files are encrypted, the header information in the file is also encrypted. In order for Software Inventory to obtain header information from a file, the file must be decrypted.
Disable the Software Inventory Client Agent for the site containing the encrypted data.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.
The ability to selectively exclude disk volumes or folders from Software Inventory is proposed for future versions of Systems Management Server (SMS).
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