PRB: CDO Text Property Does Not Accept CR or LF

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When you append a new line of text to an item's Text property and use a carriage return (CR) and/or line feed (LF) to force them to separate lines, the Text property ignores the CR and LF.
The Exchange store's Rich Text Format (RTF) synchronization routine groups the existing and appended text in an attempt to preserve any RTF formatting of the existing text. When checking for the existing text, it ignores changes that are white space only; for example, additional line wrapping. In this case, the CR/LF pair is recognized as a part of the existing text, and only the text that follows it is considered to be appended.
The workaround is to remove the item's CdoPR_RTF_COMPRESSED property before appending to the Text property, as illustrated by the following Visual Basic code:
With objMyAppt   'Delete the PR_RTF_COMPRESSED property so that   'RTF synchronization does not take place.   .Fields(CdoPR_RTF_COMPRESSED).Delete   .Text = .Text & vbCrLf & "(Line 2) Drive safely!"   .UpdateEnd With				
This behavior is by design.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

'NOTE: Assumes your project includes a reference to '      "Microsoft CDO 1.21 Library".Dim objSession As MAPI.SessionDim objCalendar As MAPI.FolderDim objMyAppt As MAPI.AppointmentItemSet objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")objSession.LogonSet objCalendar = objSession.GetDefaultFolder(CdoDefaultFolderCalendar)Set objMyAppt = objCalendar.Messages.AddWith objMyAppt   'Add the first line.   .Subject = "Test appointment"   .Location = "Downtown"   .Text = "(Line 1) Go for a drive."   .Update   MsgBox Prompt:=.Text, Title:="Before updating"   'Add the second line.   .Subject = "Updated test appointment"   .Text = .Text & vbCrLf & "(Line 2) Drive safely!"   .Update   MsgBox Prompt:=.Text, Title:="After updating"End With'Log off and clean up.objSession.LogoffSet objMyAppt = NothingSet objCalendar = NothingSet objSession = Nothing				

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