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SharePoint: All servers in the farm should be in the same time zone

Problems with timer jobs can occur in a SharePoint farm if the member servers are in different time zones.
Servers hosting the Central Administration site should be configured to be in the same time zone. There are many settings that rely on specifying a time. If servers that run the Central Administration site are in more than one time zone, there can be confusion and conflicting input.

All servers that run the SharePoint 2010/2013 Timer Service should also be configured to be in the same time zone. Timer services run to complete a host of jobs such as deploy solutions, content deployment, alerts, workflow and more. A discrepancy in the time zones between servers can lead to synchronization issues. For example, deployment jobs may start on one server but not run on another server until much later.
Open the Date and Time applet from the control panel on each server and verify the time zone. Ensure that all the applicable servers are in the same time zone and that system time is within five minutes of each other.
More information
For more information about timer jobs, refer to Timer job reference (SharePoint Server 2010)

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