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Extensible Storage Engine 98 error codes 0 to -1048

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The following table lists the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) 98 error codes, numbers 0 to -1048, with the following columns:
  • Error Type
  • Error Message
  • Decimal Equivalent
  • Description (from source code comments)
The rest of the ESE 98 error codes (-1051 to -999999) are listed in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
266367 Extensible Storage Engine 98 error codes -1051 to -999999


Error Message Decimal ErrorDescription
#define JET_errSuccess0/* Successful Operation */


Error Message Decimal ErrorDescription
#define JET_wrnNyi-1/* Function Not Yet Implemented */


Error Message Decimal ErrorDescription
#define JET_errRfsFailure-100/* Resource Failure Simulator failure */
#define JET_errRfsNotArmed-101/* Resource Failure Simulator not initialized */
#define JET_errFileClose-102/* Could not close file */
#define JET_errOutOfThreads-103/* Could not start thread */
#define JET_errTooManyIO-105/* System busy due to too many IOs */
#define JET_errTaskDropped-106/* A requested async task could not be executed */
#define JET_errInternalError-107/* Fatal internal error */


Error Message Decimal ErrorDescription
#define wrnBFCacheMiss200/* ese97,esent only: page latch caused a cache miss */
#define errBFPageNotCached-201/* page is not cached */
#define errBFLatchConflict-202/* page latch conflict */
#define errBFPageCached-203/* page is cached */
#define wrnBFPageFlushPending204/* page is currently being written */
#define wrnBFPageFault205/* page latch caused a page fault */
#define errBFIPageEvicted-250/* ese97,esent only: page evicted from the cache */
#define errBFIPageCached-251/* ese97,esent only: page already cached */
#define errBFIOutOfOLPs-252/* ese97,esent only: out of OLPs */
#define errBFIOutOfBatchIOBuffers-253/* ese97,esent only: out of Batch I/O Buffers */
#define errBFINoBufferAvailable-254/* no buffer available for immediate use */
#define JET_errDatabaseBufferDependenciesCorrupted-255/* Buffer dependencies improperly set. Recovery failure */
#define errBFIRemainingDependencies-256/* dependencies remain on this buffer */
#define errBFIPageFlushPending-257/* page is currently being written */
#define errBFIPageNotEvicted-258/* the page could not be evicted from the cache */
#define errBFIPageFlushed-259/* page write initiated */
#define errBFIPageFaultPending-260/* page is currently being read */
#define errBFIPageNotVerified-261/* page data has not been verified */
#define errBFIDependentPurged-262/* page cannot be flushed due to purged dependencies */


Error Message Decimal ErrorDescription
#define wrnVERRCEMoved275/* RCE was moved instead of being cleaned */


Error Message Decimal ErrorDescription
#define errPMOutOfPageSpace-300/* Out of page space */
#define errPMItagTooBig -301/* Itag too big */
#define errPMRecDeleted -302/* Record deleted */
#define errPMTagsUsedUp -303/* Tags used up */
#define wrnBMConflict304/* conflict in BM Clean up */
#define errDIRNoShortCircuit-305/* No Short Circuit Avail */
#define errDIRCannotSplit-306/* Cannot horizontally split FDP */
#define errDIRTop-307/* Cannot go up */
#define errDIRFDP308/* On an FDP Node */
#define errDIRNotSynchronous-309/* May have left critical section */
#define wrnDIREmptyPage310/* Moved through empty page */
#define errSPConflict-311/* Device extent being extended */
#define wrnNDFoundLess312/* Found Less */
#define wrnNDFoundGreater313/* Found Greater */
#define wrnNDNotFoundInPage314/* for smart refresh */
#define errNDNotFound-312/* Not found */
#define errNDOutSonRange-314/* Son out of range */
#define errNDOutItemRange-315/* Item out of range */
#define errNDGreaterThanAllItems -316/* Greater than all items */
#define errNDLastItemNode-317/* Last node of item list */
#define errNDFirstItemNode-318/* First node of item list */
#define wrnNDDuplicateItem319/* Duplicated Item */
#define errNDNoItem-320/* Item not there */
#define JET_wrnRemainingVersions 321/* The version store is still active */
#define JET_errPreviousVersion-322/* Version already existed. Recovery failure */
#define JET_errPageBoundary-323/* Reached Page Boundary */
#define JET_errKeyBoundary-324/* Reached Key Boundary */
#define errDIRInPageFather -325/* sridFather in page to free */
#define errBMMaxKeyInPage-326/* used by OLC to avoid cleanup of parent pages */
#define JET_errBadPageLink-327/* Database corrupted */
#define JET_errBadBookmark-328/* Bookmark has no corresponding address in database */
#define wrnBMCleanNullOp329// BMClean returns this on encountering a page // deleted MaxKeyInPage [but there was no conflict]
#define errBTOperNone-330// Split with no accompanying // insert/replace
#define errSPOutOfAvailExtCacheSpace-331// unable to make update to AvailExt tree since in-cursor space cache is depleted //
#define errSPOutOfOwnExtCacheSpace-332// unable to make update to OwnExt tree since in-cursor space cache is depleted //
#define wrnBTMultipageOLC333// needs multipage OLC operation
#define JET_errNTSystemCallFailed -334/* A call to the operating system failed */
#define wrnBTShallowTree335// BTree is only one or two levels deeps
#define errBTMergeNotSynchronous-336// Multiple threads attempting to perform merge/split on same page (likely OLD vs. RCEClean)
#define wrnSPReservedPages337// space manager reserved pages for future space tree splits
#define JET_errBadParentPageLink-338/* Database corrupted */
#define wrnSPBuildAvailExtCache339// AvailExt tree is sufficiently large that it should be cached
#define JET_errSPAvailExtCacheOutOfSync-340// AvailExt cache doesn't match btree
#define JET_errSPAvailExtCorrupted-341// AvailExt space tree is corrupt
#define JET_errSPAvailExtCacheOutOfMemory-342// Out of memory allocating an AvailExt cache node
#define JET_errSPOwnExtCorrupted-343// OwnExt space tree is corrupt
#define JET_errDbTimeCorrupted-344// Dbtime on current page is greater than global database dbtime


Error Message Decimal ErrorDescription
#define wrnFLDKeyTooBig 400/* Key too big (truncated it) */
#define errFLDTooManySegments-401/* Too many key segments */
#define wrnFLDNullKey402/* Key is entirely NULL */
#define wrnFLDOutOfKeys 403/* No more keys to extract */
#define wrnFLDNullSeg404/* Null segment in key */
#define wrnFLDNotPresentInIndex405
#define JET_wrnSeparateLongValue406/* Column is a separated long-value */
#define wrnRECLongField 407/* Long value */
#define JET_wrnRecordFoundGreaterJET_wrnSeekNotEqual
#define JET_wrnRecordFoundLess JET_wrnSeekNotEqual
#define JET_errColumnIllegalNull JET_errNullInvalid
#define wrnFLDNullFirstSeg408/* Null first segment in key */
#define JET_errKeyTooBig-408/* Key is too large */
#define wrnRECUserDefinedDefault409/* User-defined default value */
#define wrnRECSeparatedLV 410/* LV stored in LV tree */
#define wrnRECIntrinsicLV 411/* LV stored in the record */
#define wrnRECSeparatedSLV412/* SLV stored as a separated LV */
#define wrnRECIntrinsicSLV413/* SLV stored as an intrinsic LV */


Error Message Decimal ErrorDescription
#define JET_errInvalidLoggedOperation-500/* Logged operation cannot be redone */
#define JET_errLogFileCorrupt-501/* Log file is corrupt */
#define errLGNoMoreRecords-502/* Last log record read */
#define JET_errNoBackupDirectory -503/* No backup directory given */
#define JET_errBackupDirectoryNotEmpty -504/* The backup directory is not emtpy */
#define JET_errBackupInProgress -505/* Backup is active already */
#define JET_errRestoreInProgress-506/* Restore in progress */
#define JET_errMissingPreviousLogFile-509/* Missing the log file for check point */
#define JET_errLogWriteFail-510/* Failure writing to log file */
#define JET_errLogDisabledDueToRecoveryFailure -511/* Try to log something after recovery faild */
#define JET_errCannotLogDuringRecoveryRedo-512/* Try to log something during recovery redo */
#define JET_errBadLogVersion -514/* Version of log file is not compatible with Jet version */
#define JET_errInvalidLogSequence -515/* Timestamp in next log does not match expected */
#define JET_errLoggingDisabled -516/* Log is not active */
#define JET_errLogBufferTooSmall-517/* Log buffer is too small for recovery */
#define errLGNotSynchronous-518/* retry to LGLogRec */
#define JET_errLogSequenceEnd-519/* Maximum log file number exceeded */
#define JET_errNoBackup-520/* No backup in progress */
#define JET_errInvalidBackupSequence-521/* Backup call out of sequence */
#define JET_errBackupNotAllowedYet-523/* Cannot do backup now */
#define JET_errDeleteBackupFileFail-524/* Could not delete backup file */
#define JET_errMakeBackupDirectoryFail -525/* Could not make backup temp directory */
#define JET_errInvalidBackup-526/* Cannot perform incremental backup when circular logging enabled */
#define JET_errRecoveredWithErrors-527/* Restored with errors */
#define JET_errMissingLogFile-528/* Current log file missing */
#define JET_errLogDiskFull-529/* Log disk full */
#define JET_errBadLogSignature-530/* Bad signature for a log file */
#define JET_errBadDbSignature-531/* Bad signature for a db file */
#define JET_errBadCheckpointSignature-532/* Bad signature for a checkpoint file */
#define JET_errCheckpointCorrupt-533/* Checkpoint file not found or corrupt */
#define JET_errMissingPatchPage-534/* Patch file page not found during recovery */
#define JET_errBadPatchPage-535/* Patch file page is not valid */
#define JET_errRedoAbruptEnded-536/* Redo abruptly ended due to sudden failure in reading logs from log file */
#define JET_errBadSLVSignature-537/* Signature in SLV file does not agree with database */
#define JET_errPatchFileMissing-538/* Hard restore detected that patch file is missing from backup set */
#define JET_errDatabaseLogSetMismatch-539/* Database does not belong with the current set of log files */
#define JET_errDatabaseStreamingFileMismatch -540/* Database and streaming file do not match each other */
#define JET_errLogFileSizeMismatch-541/* actual log file size does not match JET_paramLogFileSize */
#define JET_errCheckpointFileNotFound-542/* Could not locate checkpoint file */
#define JET_errRequiredLogFilesMissing-543/* The required log files for recovery is missing. */
#define JET_errSoftRecoveryOnBackupDatabase-544/* Soft recovery is intended on a backup database. Restore should be used instead */
#define JET_errLogFileSizeMismatchDatabasesConsistent-545/* databases have been recovered, but the log file size used during recovery does not match JET_paramLogFileSize */
#define JET_errLogSectorSizeMismatch-546/* the log file sector size does not match the current volume's sector size */
#define JET_errLogSectorSizeMismatchDatabasesConsistent-547/* databases have been recovered, but the log file sector size (used during recovery) does not match the current volume's sector size */
#define JET_errLogSequenceEndDatabasesConsistent -548/* databases have been recovered, but all possible log generations in the current sequence are used; delete all log files and the checkpoint file and backup the databases before continuing */
#define JET_errStreamingDataNotLogged-549/* Illegal attempt to replay a streaming file operation where the data wasn't logged. Probably caused by an attempt to roll-forward with circular logging enabled */
#define JET_errDatabaseInconsistent-550/* Database is in inconsistent state */
#define JET_errConsistentTimeMismatch-551/* Database last consistent time unmatched */
#define JET_errDatabasePatchFileMismatch-552/* Patch file is not generated from this backup */
#define JET_errEndingRestoreLogTooLow-553/* The starting log number too low for the restore */
#define JET_errStartingRestoreLogTooHigh-554/* The starting log number too high for the restore */
#define JET_errGivenLogFileHasBadSignature-555/* Restore log file has bad signature */
#define JET_errGivenLogFileIsNotContiguous-556/* Restore log file is not contiguous */
#define JET_errMissingRestoreLogFiles-557/* Some restore log files are missing */
#define JET_wrnExistingLogFileHasBadSignature558/* Existing log file has bad signature */
#define JET_wrnExistingLogFileIsNotContiguous559/* Existing log file is not contiguous */
#define JET_errMissingFullBackup -560/* The database miss a previous full backup befor incremental backup */
#define JET_errBadBackupDatabaseSize-561/* The backup database size is not in 4k */
#define JET_errDatabaseAlreadyUpgraded-562/* Attempted to upgrade a database that is already current */
#define JET_errDatabaseIncompleteUpgrade-563/* Attempted to use a database which was only partially converted to the current format -- must restore from backup */
#define JET_wrnSkipThisRecord564/* INTERNAL ERROR */
#define JET_errMissingCurrentLogFiles-565/* Some current log files are missing for continous restore */
#define JET_errDbTimeTooOld-566/* dbtime on page smaller than dbtimeBefore in record */
#define JET_errDbTimeTooNew-567/* dbtime on page in advence of the dbtimeBefore in record */
#define wrnCleanedUpMismatchedFiles568/* INTERNAL WARNING: indicates that the redo function cleaned up logs/checkpoint because of a size mismatch (see JET_paramCleanupMismatchedLogFiles) */
#define JET_errMissingFileToBackup-569/* Some log or patch files are missing during backup */
#define JET_errLogTornWriteDuringHardRestore-570/* torn-write was detected in a backup set during hard restore */
#define JET_errLogTornWriteDuringHardRecovery-571/* torn-write was detected during hard recovery (log was not part of a backup set) */
#define JET_errLogCorruptDuringHardRestore-573/* corruption was detected in a backup set during hard restore */
#define JET_errLogCorruptDuringHardRecovery-574/* corruption was detected during hard recovery (log was not part of a backup set) */
#define JET_errMustDisableLoggingForDbUpgrade-575/* Cannot have logging enabled while attempting to upgrade db */
#define errLGRecordDataInaccessible-576/* an incomplete log record was created because all the data to be logged was not accessible */
#define JET_errBadRestoreTargetInstance-577/* TargetInstance specified for restore is not found or log files don't match */
#define JET_wrnTargetInstanceRunning578/* TargetInstance specified for restore is running */
#define JET_errDatabasesNotFromSameSnapshot-580/* Databases to be restored are not from the same Snapshot backup */
#define JET_errSoftRecoveryOnSnapshot-581/* Soft recovery on a database from a snapshot backup set */
#define JET_errUnicodeTranslationBufferTooSmall-601/* Unicode translation buffer too small */
#define JET_errUnicodeTranslationFail-602/* Unicode normalization failed */
#define JET_errExistingLogFileHasBadSignature-610/* Existing log file has bad signature */
#define JET_errExistingLogFileIsNotContiguous-611/* Existing log file is not contiguous */
#define JET_errLogReadVerifyFailure-612/* Checksum error in log file during backup */
#define JET_errSLVReadVerifyFailure-613/* Checksum error in SLV file during backup */
#define errBackupAbortByCaller-800/* INTERNAL ERROR: Backup was aborted by client or RPC connection with client failed */
#define JET_errBackupAbortByServer-801/* Backup was aborted by server by calling JetTerm with JET_bitTermStopBackup */
#define JET_errInvalidGrbit-900/* Invalid parameter */
#define JET_errTermInProgress-1000/* Termination in progress */
#define JET_errFeatureNotAvailable-1001/* API not supported */
#define JET_errInvalidName-1002/* Invalid name */
#define JET_errInvalidParameter -1003/* Invalid API parameter */
#define JET_wrnColumnNull1004/* Column is NULL-valued */
#define JET_wrnBufferTruncated1006/* Buffer too small for data */
#define JET_wrnDatabaseAttached 1007/* Database is already attached */
#define JET_errDatabaseFileReadOnly-1008/* Tried to attach a read-only database file for read/write operations */
#define JET_wrnSortOverflow1009/* Sort does not fit in memory */
#define JET_errInvalidDatabaseId-1010/* Invalid database id */
#define JET_errOutOfMemory-1011/* Out of Memory */
#define JET_errOutOfDatabaseSpace -1012/* Maximum database size reached */
#define JET_errOutOfCursors-1013/* Out of table cursors */
#define JET_errOutOfBuffers-1014/* Out of database page buffers */
#define JET_errTooManyIndexes-1015/* Too many indexes */
#define JET_errTooManyKeys-1016/* Too many columns in an index */
#define JET_errRecordDeleted-1017/* Record has been deleted */
#define JET_errReadVerifyFailure-1018/* Checksum error on a database page */
#define JET_errPageNotInitialized-1019/* Blank database page */
#define JET_errOutOfFileHandles-1020/* Out of file handles */
#define JET_errDiskIO-1022/* Disk IO error */
#define JET_errInvalidPath-1023/* Invalid file path */
#define JET_errInvalidSystemPath-1024/* Invalid system path */
#define JET_errInvalidLogDirectory-1025/* Invalid log directory */
#define JET_errRecordTooBig-1026/* Record larger than maximum size */
#define JET_errTooManyOpenDatabases-1027/* Too many open databases */
#define JET_errInvalidDatabase-1028/* Not a database file */
#define JET_errNotInitialized-1029/* Database engine not initialized */
#define JET_errAlreadyInitialized-1030/* Database engine already initialized */
#define JET_errInitInProgress-1031/* Database engine is being initialized */
#define JET_errFileAccessDenied -1032/* Cannot access file, the file is locked or in use */
#define JET_errQueryNotSupported-1034/* Query support unavailable */
#define JET_errSQLLinkNotSupported-1035/* SQL Link support unavailable */
#define JET_errBufferTooSmall-1038/* Buffer is too small */
#define JET_wrnSeekNotEqual1039/* Exact match not found during seek */
#define JET_errTooManyColumns-1040/* Too many columns defined */
#define JET_errContainerNotEmpty-1043/* Container is not empty */
#define JET_errInvalidFilename-1044/* Filename is invalid */
#define JET_errInvalidBookmark-1045/* Invalid bookmark */
#define JET_errColumnInUse-1046/* Column used in an index */
#define JET_errInvalidBufferSize-1047/* Data buffer doesn't match column size */
#define JET_errColumnNotUpdatable-1048/* Cannot set column value */
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