XADM: Store Crashes When Rich Text Is Enabled over the IMAP4 Protocol

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The Exchange Server information store may stop responding (crash) and produce a Dr. Watson log and a User.dmp file with the following call stack:
FramePtr  RetAddr   Param1   Param2   Param3   Function Name054af980  006edf2c  00000000 37020000 054af9e4 STORE!TNEF_AddProps+0x348054afa10  0047ce0c  00000000 37020000 054af9e4 STORE!CmnBptMessage::hrTNEFAttach+0xc0054afa50  0047cba4  00000000 37020000 054af9e4 STORE!CRFCMIMEemtr::hrEndOfBody+0x200054afab0  0047909c  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!CmcvtrBdy::hrEmit+0x190054afb00  00478f80  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!CINETemtr::hrEmit+0x100054afb40  004a3430  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!CConvertStream::Read+0x11c054afb80  004a2674  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!MCE::EcRenderBodyPart+0x25c054afbf0  0049e004  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!MCE::EcDetermine822Size+0x120054afc90  0049e8b0  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!IMAPCON::EcProcessFetchInfo+0x290054afcd0  004a494c  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!IMAPCON::EcQueueFetchSet+0x128054afd20  004a4f80  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!IMAPCON::EcProcessFetchSet+0x198054afd90  004a1f50  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!IMAPCON::CbFetch+0x5bc054afdf0  004a1340  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!IMAPCON::CbUid+0xe0054afe30  6fcc8d24  00000000 00000000 054af9e4 STORE!IMAPCON::CbCommand+0xd08					
An IMAP user has sent a command that the information store does not process correctly. The following command may cause this issue:
NOTE: The 007H and the 1 following the FETCH command may be different depending on conversation key and the message being accessed.

You can configure the IMAP protocol in the Exchange Server Administrator program to allow Rich Text Format (RTF). This setting enables the IMAP protocol to encode any OLE-embedded objects into a TNEF stream. When the preceding command is given to the IMAP service to retrieve a message with an embedded OLE object, such as a Clip Art picture, the preceding command may cause the store to crash. When the preceding command cannot correctly encode the OLE object into a TNEF stream. The preceding command works correctly when the setting to allow RTF is not set in the Administrator program.
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Exchange Server 5.5. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
191914 XGEN: How to Obtain the Latest Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack
The following files are available for download from the MicrosoftDownload Center:
For additional information about how to download Microsoft Support files, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
119591 How to Obtain Microsoft Support Files from Online Services
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You can turn off the option to allow RTF in the Administrator program. To do so:
  1. Start the Administrator program, and connect to the server that is experiencing this issue.
  2. Locate the Site\Configuration\Protocols object.
  3. Double-click the IMAP4 object in the right pane.
  4. Click the Message Format tab.
  5. Click to clear the Use Microsoft Exchange rich-text format check box.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5. This problem was first corrected in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4.

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